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Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company Offers Services At A Value No Other Major Transfer Agent Can Match

The services required of a good stock transfer agent are many and varied, and can be especially distinctive when involving the unique needs of emerging companies. Continental Stocks Transfer & Trust Company has worked for many years to bring large company services to the emerging business market. The company continues to win awards for client satisfaction and affordable services:

As the only major transfer agent specializing in smaller to midsize emerging and growth companies, Continental goes out of its way to provide truly customized and responsive business solutions, including 24/7 access to senior-level experts.

Taking a company public is obviously a critical milestone in a company's business history, and Continental's initial public offering (NYSEARCA:IPO) experts have managed hundreds of offerings. As a result, they know what going public really takes, and the importance of acting proactively to create the best customer experience.

Coordinating the IPO and post-IPO activity of a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) is a particular area of Continental expertise. They've handled virtually all of the SPACs brought to market since 1990, with a total value of over $15 billion in raised funds.

Continental's ControlBook Reporting lets clients access data when and where it is needed, using a client-based online tool that allows access to Share Controls for every class of stock on-demand.

A successful annual meeting involves a large number of tasks, many of which are required by state and federal law and require planning and execution throughout the year. Continental's dedicated annual meeting and proxy specialists draw on their industry experience and knowledge to assist and support all such activities, before, during, and after the annual meeting.

Continental experts stay on top of the numerous and changing complex rules and regulations issued by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and are thoroughly familiar with SEC compliance for the necessary filing of SEC-required forms.

Shareholders can expect first-class attention and accurate stock plan administration. Continental is able to deliver efficiencies and shareholder satisfaction at an exceptional value.

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