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MicroStrategy® Inc. (MSTR) Code-Free Mobile App Platform Used By Gold Giant Kinross To Execute Demonstrably Powerful BI Solution

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MicroStrategy, a name that has nearly become synonymous with situational awareness-driving enterprise software platform architectures over the past several decades, reported today that Canadian-based gold mining industry giant, Kinross Gold Corp. (NYSE:KGC), has deployed a major business intelligence iPad app to their mining operations layer using the amazing capabilities of the company's code-free MicroStrategy Mobile™ app platform.

Now, Kinross is a big player in the gold game, with digs all over the planet spanning nine major operations in North America, Africa, Russia and South America, so they cannot continue to live and grow within a fractured business intelligence container, built entirely out of older solutions. The Kinross iPad application allows regional supervisors to get their hands on actionable data when they need it most, accelerating decision making in the field which is driven by direct data input and empowered by automatically changing language where needed to ensure fluidity, as well as accuracy.

For a diverse workforce like the one at Kinross, engaged in a business where you are constantly on the go, being freed from a PC and yet being able to simply execute everything via the iPad represents a serious logistical breakthrough. The multi-language content capabilities and product-differentiating analytical tools of the MicroStrategy Mobile business intelligence platform, also allows Kinross to easily and intuitively explore their own vast, big data landscape for heretofore undiscovered nuggets of potentially groundbreaking insight. Getting all eyes on the data generated by across the enterprise, in near real-time, while also bringing down language barriers and allowing immediate input from people in the field, creates the perfect way for a mineral developer like Kinross to turn up new production targets or identify areas where operations can be improved.

According to Director of Project Management for Kinross, Alexis Ricordi, the decision to go with the MSTR product was arrived at only after a comprehensive review of all the analytical solutions out there on the market today. MicroStrategy Mobile came in ahead of the pack according to Ricordi, hands-down too, on a variety of targeted factors like platform speed, development window for publishing apps, tight mobile integration, overall ease of use and most importantly perhaps to Kinross, total cost of ownership. Something CIO and VP of IT at Kinross, David Cefai, puts rather well in his Customer Testimonial Video, describing the increasingly inordinate costs of their extant solution set, not to mention the amount of time spent just to maintain the systems and get them to the point where they could deliver business value.

Cefai hailed MSTR for providing the tools to do a much needed course correction at Kinross and insisted that since implementation of the MicroStrategy solution, significant changes have been able to be applied to their underlying business processes, with Kinross taking full advantage of the new bench to overhaul process and technology elements of the operation. Cefai stated clearly that "there is no debate" at Kinross as to whether or not the MSTR solution is delivering significant value in this area and he emphasized his happiness with the decision to pick MicroStrategy, now an increasingly obvious best-of-breed in the BI space after yet another big name endorsement.

President of MSTR, Paul Zolfaghari, touted the buzz among top industry analysts about the company delivering the best mobile BI platform out there today, hinting that the true, unquantified value of the MSTR solution rests well out beyond the acclaimed multi-language capabilities and robust analytical tools, and is extremely well showcased by the Kinross example. The real power of this kind of near real-time situational awareness framework for BI is, of course, immediately apparent to any seasoned management professional.

The modularity of apps developed on the MSTR solution, thanks to the building block-like component approach where each app is an "object" that can be reused and which updates automatically, makes such apps ridiculously easy to maintain as well, removing another major headache that has created roadblocks in this area. Device-independent deployment capabilities are also key here and the elimination of any application-specific scaling makes pixel-perfect design layout a breeze, ultimately resulting in easy to build and use apps that are highly accessible to even the lay developer.

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