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AxoGen, Inc. (AXGN) Is “One To Watch”

AxoGen, Inc., parent company of wholly-owned operating subsidiary AxoGen Corp., is the Alachua, FL, headquartered developer of an impressive portfolio of proprietary technologies in the peripheral nerve reconstruction/regeneration space, which, through advancements like the Avance® Nerve Graft, is revolutionizing peripheral nerve restoration methods. AxoGen is a bold pioneer on the forefront of nerve repair science with thousands of surgical implants of the company's products performed across the U.S., including in military hospitals, offering patients an alternative to costly, risky autografts (taking nerve tissue from another part of the body).

The sensitive nerve tissues often damaged during traumatic injury (700k plus people in the U.S. each year alone, a roughly $1B potential domestic market), or as a result of surgical intervention procedures, repetitive stress injuries, and chronic compression injuries, can cause serious impairment, including loss of muscle function, sensitivity, neuroma (a growth or tumor of nerve tissue), or chronic pain. AxoGen has devised a host of key technologies, focused on ExtraCellular Matrix (ECM) scaffolds and the associated, proprietary, patent-protected, and licensed decellularization technologies, which allow the host tissue to retain micro-structural integrity, promoting regeneration of tissues via the patient's own cells/natural cellular activity.

This is a massive boon for sufferers of peripheral nerve damage and AXGN is well-positioned to deliver to an underserved market what is essentially the only complete portfolio of Peripheral Nerve Repair (NYSE:PNR) products in the space. AXGN has built the team required to execute on their commercialization strategy as well, with over 100 years combined experience in the tissue regeneration field, showing the kind of historic market penetration capability ideal for bringing this compelling value proposition to optimal levels.

Comprising the only complete nerve repair portfolio to both repair and protect peripheral nerves, consisting of a variety of size and length availabilities, these AXGN products help to wrap the nerve or bridge a gap, providing a structure/scaffolding for regrowth, separating/isolating the nerve as necessary from other tissues:

• Avance® Nerve Graft - decellularized/sterile three dimensional ECM processed from human peripheral nerve tissue for bridging gaps in the 15mm to 70 mm range up to 5mm diameter; recently (Jan 16, meaningful recovery achieved in 87% of patients) saw clinical peer-reviewed results published in Jan 2012 issue of Microsurgery where Principal Investigator of the study, Darrell Brooks, M.D., of The Buncke Clinic commented on the findings, that such processed nerve allografts helped patients overcome all the dominant hindering factors associated with peripheral nerve repair

• AxoGuard® Nerve Protector - sterile, single-use wrap for protecting peripheral nerves (or reinforcing a coaptation/partially severed nerve site) up to 40 mm that allows for tissue regrowth and healing thanks to a multi-laminar ECM that separates and shields the nerve from surrounding tissues

• AxoGuard® Nerve Connector - coaptation aid for bridging gaps up to 5mm in a unique 10 mm length format that closely approximates served nerve ends, ideal for coaptation site aligning/connecting of nerves in the sub 5 mm range

So far, the company has only tapped into a tiny fraction of the overall market, and because the company's business strategy emphasizes a strong R&D pipeline, manufacturing process optimization, and a continual refinement of the core commercialization strategy, the company is primed to engage a national coverage roll out. AxoGen's current vector has them set to expand national coverage via augmented sales range/support capabilities, driving growth through the same organic, customer-focused and personnel-focused means.

AxoGen is working hard to reinforce this lead position, where products like Avance® Nerve Graft represent the first and only commercially available peripheral nerve allografts for severed nerve gap reconstruction. Diligently expanding the pool of clinical data, working to create the largest multi-center peripheral nerve study so far, the company is even readying for access into prostate/breast reconstruction areas.

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