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SEFE, Inc. (SEFE) Is “One To Watch”

|Includes: SEFE, Inc. (SEFE)

SEFE has realized the components necessary in order to make the long-sought prize of generating usable current from atmospheric static electricity a reality.

Using a proprietary, nodal network (via secure-encrypted wireless) of high-altitude weather-balloons/blimps with tethered conductive lines and special transformer/collection hardware, SEFE plans to offer utilities, military and mining/industrial concerns a solution to fossil fuels and alternative energy.

With virtually no carbon footprint and the capacity to generate current at a given site directly from the continually charged energy in the atmosphere, this easily deployable and highly robust platform requires little maintenance and is remotely administrable as a network via SEFE's own network operations center or NOC.

A strong intellectual property position and the tactical ingenuity to implement it means SEFE is looking to roll-out 200 systems within two years domestically and has coordinated a portfolio of strategic partnerships in the US and abroad in order to maximize market momentum.

Over four decades of experience developing and implementing such intellectual property and three decades corporate governance/management experience held by the founders and leadership of SEFE is the driving force behind this US/Global strategic initiative.

With an incredible product that can be implemented on a per-unit basis, SEFE's methodology for capturing enormous volumes of US and global market space includes:

• The retention of an expert team of consultants ranging from FAA employees and former utility executives to electrical/network engineers

• Nurturing a tightly integrated relationship with the largest national consortium of electric cooperatives, whereby SEFE can reach energy customers downstream of the Company's own deployed technology

• Cultivating multiple relationships with key personnel at universities and research institutes within the US as a means of creating a vast network of associations for efficiently developing grant funding, research innovations and field-test opportunities for the technology as the state of the art progresses via access to mining, physics, astronomical and engineering departments among others

Based on current testing and projections, one SEFE unit can generate some 1.01B kWh each year at a astonishing per-unit cost of only $0.03, handedly beating out wind ($0.07) and nuclear ($0.14), with a green profile and physical footprint that makes wind farms and nuclear waste disposal seem ludicrous.

We must face the finite supply of fossil fuels with energy solutions that provide some kind of alternative to the environmental degradation and logistical difficulty/inefficiency of oil, gas and coal. SEFE has created a winning product that could one day be safely powering a significant portion of our infrastructure with statistically insignificant contributions to pollution.

As spills/accidents and the myriad other pollution/cost concerns of non-renewable sources threaten budgets within the production industry, more and more capital is flowing into alternative energy solutions. Here is a solution that can supply the world's energy grids in a distributed and localized fashion, all at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

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