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Remedent, Inc. (REMI) Is “One To Watch”

|Includes: Remedent, Inc. (REMI)

Remedent is a company devoted to manufacturing, marketing, and distributing dental hygiene products to consumers and the dental community. The company offers unique porcelain veneer, teeth whitening, sensitivity, and oral hygiene products that have garnered worldwide attention for their technological superiority and ease-of-application qualities.

Remedent, with headquarters in Belgium, has a global presence in over 35 countries. The company's partnership with Den-Mat Holdings LLC, makers of the popular LUMINEERS porcelain veneer laminates, strategically places it in a position to reach a vast and diverse consumer base. Remedent focuses its marketing strategy on both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) markets.

In the B2B market sphere, Remedent offers an array of products focused on teeth-whitening and smile enhancement. One of the company's proprietary products is GlamSmile. Introduced in 2007, Glam Smile "revolutionizes the traditional one-at-a-time method of applying porcelain dental veneers." The solution provides a unique tray delivery system that allows dentist to apply 10 ultra-thin, custom veneers in less than an hour while preserving tooth structure. Dentists can see a digital preview to evaluate their dental designs, one of many features that have revolutionized the art of veneering.

In the B2C space, Remedent launched their own Smile Consultancy Program for consumers looking to achieve the perfect smile. Many consumers look to improve their smile after witnessing monumental changes and trends in the cosmetic dentistry industry. Remedent's solution offers a fast, painless, and affordable way for consumers to achieve their dental dreams.

Remedent tackles its marketing initiatives with internet-based solutions. Consumers and dental professionals alike can access Remedent's entire suite of products through its website, The company is led by Mr. Guy De Vreese, who serves as Remedent's Chairman and CEO. With a host of talented professionals supporting its unique and innovative solutions, Remedent is poised for rapid expansion.

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