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FluoroPharma Medical, Inc. (FPMI) And The Heart

Cardiovascular disease (NYSE:CVD), also referred to as coronary artery disease (NYSEARCA:CAD), has been on top of the world's illness list for a long time, and yet it's still surprising to consider that fully one-third of all American's are believed to have some form of the disease. CVD/CAD are general terms used to describe certain disorders that can affect your heart as well as your body's blood vessels. Such problems are the primary cause of death in the U.S., claiming one million lives annually.

The disease usually involves plaque accumulations on the walls of the coronary arteries, which can ultimately constrict the flow of blood and oxygen to the heart to such a degree that the heart muscles are unable to properly function. The result can be fatal, with little or no advanced warning. Cardiac imaging is used to diagnose the disease and to determine the presence and severity of ischemic heart disease and the related risk of suffering a heart attack. It is also used to help determine the most appropriate course of treatment.

For some patients, facing lower risks, an exercise stress test may be used to evaluate heart function. However, the test is often inaccurate and poor as a predictor of heart attack. For patients facing higher risks, or for those unable to safely go through a stress test, doctors can use some form of imaging, such as MRI. If even this is unable to clearly identify the problem, doctors can perform a coronary angiogram, involving a contrasting agent and X-rays to identify blockages.

FluoroPharma Medical is building a portfolio of chemical tracer products, with a focus on heart disease. These tracers are used in conjunction with positron emission tomography (PET) and help make visible the minute cellular processes associated with the disease. They do this by being specially formulated to become part of the process, allowing doctors and researchers to detect possibly dangerous conditions that other forms of detection miss.

FluoroPharma has three tracer products directly related to the heart and related diseases. CardioPET, BFPET, and VasoPET are all designed to overcome the weaknesses of other diagnostic methods. For example, PET technology itself has been shown to reduce the number of coronary angiography and revascularization procedures by over 50% and reduce overall costs by 30%.

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