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ZBB Energy Corp. (ZBB) Provides ZBB EnerSystem To DOD Contract For Continuous Power/Energy Control Solution Featuring Renewables

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Today, ZBB Energy, which has built a strong reputation as an advanced energy storage and intelligent power
control platform provider, reported a contract to provide a ZBB EnerSystem™, the world's only configurable, modular, flexible, and scalable integrated management platform for on-grid and off-grid/back up power applications, to a Florida-based solar integrator.

Ideal for the kind of unique grid-tied and grid-independent/micro-grid application being targeted (undisclosed US Military base), the ZBB EnerSystem combines the ZBB EnerStore™ flow-battery technology with the power control architecture it was designed to fully support, the company's EnerSection™ platform. The ZBB EnerSystem represents a pinnacle of advanced power/energy control with storage-agnostic input capability, the ultimate hybridization pipeline.

President and CEO of AZZ, Eric Apfelbach, hailed the DOD for their continuing recognition of the company's value/capabilities and underscored the modularity/scalability of the ZBB EnerSystem, its granular configurability, and ability to optimize inputs from a variety of sources as being massive drivers for the products in this market. Apfelbach was eager to benefit from the momentum generated by continued winning of contracts for such solutions to the military and projected continued efforts to engage all stakeholders in showcasing the installation. It really should pan out for ZBB, as the base installation will offer a robust benchmarking of the integration, power management, and energy security capabilities of ZBB's EnerStore/ EnerSection offerings.

This installation will be a crescendo in a multi-year program to upgrade overall energy efficiency at the base. This drive to shore up overall reliability/independence with respect to the civilian grid, while emphasizing renewables, is a key manifestation of the DOD's NDAA07 mandates (Net Zero Energy Installation Program) calling for some 25% of the energy installation footprint to be derived from renewables.

The Florida integrator was awarded a demo grant for deployment and trialing of a micro-grid solution using platform technologies to create a mixed hybrid solution for renewables and diesel, with the kind of efficient storage and diesel use minimization desired. This roll out will clearly demonstrate the micro-grid continuous power generation model, providing local loads with power at any time, day or night, irrespective of input variance or energy levels in storage. ZBB EnerSystem will function continuously in ongoing operational mode as a node in the base's grid, also proving the power of this platform by operating in a disconnected micro-grid island-mode, then rapidly, seamlessly transitioning back to an integrated node.

The demonstration will be observing power control for micro-grid stability in great detail and the full-spectrum monitoring of trial data will provide abundant insights for fuel efficiency, as well as power quality vectors. We really have a highly transportable micro-grid capable node system here. ZBB EnerSystem offers a peak-performance optimization solution and the base trial should provide serious market momentum to ZBB as a distinct leader in the energy storage/intelligent power control design and manufacturing space. It's also a big win for the DOD in meeting sustainability requirements; the symbiotic market vector is obvious and the potential for more government/related contracts is something to keep an eye on.

The company provides a range of power electronic systems and custom engineered solutions for the burgeoning global energy space, focusing on key channels like distributed renewables, efficiency, power quality, and modernization of grid architectures. The company's power electronics subsidiary, Tier Electronics, LLC, has a strong hand in hybrid vehicle control system and power quality markets via a line of regulation solutions which, when combined with the overall ZBB portfolio, represent a broad-spectrum solution-set for a wide range of global electrical system challenges.

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