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VolitionRX Ltd. (VNRX) To Advance Blood-Based Diagnostics For Cancer

VolitonRX, a life sciences company focused on the development of diagnostic blood tests, is developing its Nucleosomics™ technology to measure and identify the signatures of nucleosomes (a protein component of a chromosome containing a short length of DNA) that are released into the blood as cells die. The company believes its pioneering technology will help detect early stage diseases that are characterized by high cell turnover, such as cancer.

When a cell dies, individual nucleosomes are released into the blood to be recycled. It is well-known that high levels of nucleosomes are released into the blood stream as a result of the cell death associated with certain diseases and that the structure of nucleosomes is altered in the chromosomes of cancer cells. VolitonRX's technology evaluates the amount and types of nucleosomes present in the blood to provide accurate diagnosis.

VolitionRX is currently in the process of developing a number of Nucleosomics™ tests for different types of nucleosomes and has conducted small pilot studies to investigate whether these nucleosomes are present in the blood of cancer patients and whether cancer nucleosomes are different to nucleosomes from healthy cells. Clearly, the chances of surviving cancer are greatly improved by early detection and diagnosis.

VolitionRX's Chief Scientific Officer, Jake Micallef, advised that preliminary studies of VolitionRX's Nucleosomics technology have provided positive data, spurring further development and progression to large-scale clinical studies to support its revolutionary diagnostic blood tests.

"Early stage results from our laboratory have exceeded our expectations, and we hope to see equally positive results in larger scale retrospective clinical studies and prospective clinical studies currently in the pipeline," he said.

VolitionRX is now focused on validating the results provided by these preliminary studies through large scale clinical studies to ensure development of a blood-based diagnostic for cancer is advanced as quickly as possible. More information on the company and its cutting-edge technology can be found at the following website:

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