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SEFE, Inc. (SEFE) Set To Market Harmony III Commercial-Grade Atmospheric Power Collection And Generation System

|Includes: SEFE, Inc. (SEFE)

SEFE has a remarkable proprietary system that utilizes a weather balloon-based platform and dynamic tethering system to send aloft a conductive line. The collector then harvests static electricity directly from the constantly recharged atmosphere, transforming it into current usable by generators and the existing power grid.

Working with consultants from FAA and the fabrication industry, SEFE has engineered a safe, fully FAA-compliant and affordable solution which can easily be deployed anywhere. The Harmony III is ideal for a variety of industrial, mining, military, and utility needs, promising to curb fossil fuel dependency while immediately contributing to carbon offset.

The components within the system's architecture are very durable, and because the individual units are networked together remotely via secure encrypted wireless connection, it is very easy to maintain the entire grid of systems simultaneously or perform real-time diagnostics and status checks.

The most important component is the generator which is able to harvest and transform current into a usable format irrespective of the particular site demands. What makes this patented technology even more promising is its versatility and ability to meet future demands.

Just think of it, variations of the Harmony III, whose systems are backed by SEFE patents, could one day replace other forms of energy production; even renewables like wind, solar, and hydro-electric which bear major cost and logistical drawbacks compared to a network of SEFE units.

The global atmospheric electrical circuit is everywhere on earth and peak output occurs at varying altitudes. The SEFE unit is designed to dynamically adjust and find the "sweet spot" for maximum yield and unlike alternative energy is vastly more simple to deploy and connect.

The Harmony III might seem too good to be true but recent testing continues to produce data that not only is wattage available, even at low altitudes, but that the amount available increases sharply with altitude.

Output from the SEFE units is calculated as 1.01B kWh/year, enough to power 140 homes day and night, forever.

The impact of this technology is staggering and the implications should be readily apparent.

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