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Integrated Security Systems, Inc. (IZZI) Completes ISatori Technologies Merger

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Integrated Security Systems, the Dallas-based total security solutions system provider and developer of advanced, scientifically engineered nutritional supplements targeting the weight loss/sports nutrition markets, and iSatori Technologies, Inc. reported completion of a merger. IZZI will change name to iSatori and move to iSatori's Denver HQ.

CEO of IZZI, Russell Cleveland, conveyed the anticipation of IZZI stockholders at the consummation of this merger, which will fuse together the vast managerial/marketing experience, including iSatori's brilliant approach to seizing territory in the $120B and growing nutritional supplements sector, with unique marketing vectors. Mr. Cleveland explained that the growth for IZZI shareholders implicit in this merger was significant and threw a spotlight on the quality of iSatori's carefully constructed product portfolio, the engineering of which was embarked upon largely due to the need for serious truth and reason in a market saturated with mere hype about product quality.

Founder, CEO, and president of iSatori, Stephen Adele, began the company with a simple vision to cut through the marketing deception and dubious rhetoric prevalent in the supplement sector, provide a robust product set for consumers developed hand-in-hand with medical doctors/nutritional biochemists, and create a well-respected portfolio of superior supplements that can truly help people build a better body. iSatori stems from the Japanese root, Satori, meaning an epiphany or awakening and this is the archetype embodied by the iSatori market profile.

Adele is a true visionary and has rapidly built iSatori into an information and supplement powerhouse, winning several awards for superb management capabilities, and reinforcing the company's earned reputation as a trusted provider with world-class integrity. With the U.S., EU, and Japan holding large chunks of the market, as China and other emerging markets open up more and more, the future for the Global Nutritional Supplement Market is bright indeed, with huge ranges of product categories to choose from in several distinct areas. iSatori has already carved out a solid footprint in muscle building, weight loss, performance boosting, and increased energy.

Adele, who will continue in the same role(s) after the merger, emphasized the importance of the merger as a key milestone for the company in the continued capital procurement campaign being waged in order to support iSatori's meteoric rise. The merger seriously firms up sales acceleration potential, in addition to opening up the overall distribution pipeline for the company's top selling brands. The merger will also boost ongoing/continuous investments into cutting edge R&D efforts, so that the company can keep on innovating in the supplement space with winning offerings like the popular Ultra-Concentrated MX-LS7v2, Super Thermogenic Body Recomposition Agent, a super concentrated formulation of iSatori's original high-performance fat burner.

Adele cited the extent to which this merger will bolster overall forward momentum and welcomed IZZI to the fold, as the company moves ahead supplying top Fortune 500 merchandisers/distributors with their meticulously engineered supplements.

An upcoming 8-K to be filed with the SEC this week will disclose rigorous data on iSatori, including financials for 2010-2011.

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