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SEFE, Inc. (SEFE) Provides An Overview Of Pending Patent 13/106,759

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SEFE, a solutions-driven sustainability company developing and deploying a promising solution to our world's energy problems, today highlighted its pending patent covering Collection of Atmospheric Ions.

This patent, which was filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, involves a method for collection of atmospheric ions using parallel plate collectors that are part of the company's proprietary Harmony III unit. A voltage source, collected from energy in the ambient air, can cause a high electric field between those parallel plates, resulting in an electron avalanche that then causes electron multiplication. The energy associated with these multiplied electrons can be extracted and studied, giving insight into where the most abundant source of atmospheric charge is located.

"There is a lot of evidence for the prevalence of atmospheric energy in our environment," stated Ryan Coulson, Chief Scientist for SEFE. "SEFE's ongoing challenge is to perfect methods to translate that energy into practical use, which requires an in-depth understanding of where the highest charge density and strongest electric fields lie. The collection of this energy has been a possibility for some time now. However, in the past other energy sources - mainly fossil fuels - were prioritized due to their availability and the economies of the time. We believe that now is the time to focus on the potential for atmospheric static electricity as a supplemental energy source, for the sake of the environment and the economy."

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