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SEFE, Inc. (SEFE) Provides Overview Of Tether Contact System

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Today, SEFE, a technology- and solutions-driven sustainability company, introduced a summary of its tether contact system and its role in the company's flagship Harmony III product.

The tether contact system is designed to minimize electrical path length on the power tether. Using a proprietary mechanism, the system completes the power circuit, removing the unused power tether from the path. It functions in tandem with the dynamic electrical converter and the electrostatic motor-generator as an efficiency booster, allowing the same hardware to be used no matter what the flight elevation of the aerostat will be.

"The most oft-asked questions about the design of our system are related to its safety and efficiency. This component of our system is one of several inventions geared toward addressing both of those issues in order to enhance the product as a whole," stated Mike Hurowitz, SEFE's Director of Engineering.

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