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SEFE, Inc. (SEFE) Gets The Word Out

It's one of the most revolutionary and timely ideas to come along in a very long time, and, although continuing to develop, it's an idea that has been actively demonstrated to work. It's the incredible concept of pulling significant amounts of electrical energy directly out of the air, anywhere in the world.

SEFE has developed, and now protected through numerous patents, a tested and verified way of pulling direct current electricity from the atmosphere; cost effective and environmentally safe energy which is then converted to alternating current for immediate use in any application, regardless of how remote it may be from the grid. The technology does not require extensive infrastructure, and can be rapidly scaled up to produce electricity at a unit cost expected to rival wind, or even traditional power sources. A single SEFE energy generation unit could produce enough energy to meet the needs of approximately 140 average American homes, with no carbon footprint or emissions, in any location.

Like the early days of flight, the idea is so innovative and groundbreaking that perhaps the biggest challenge at present is to get people to recognize that it's true, not a pipe dream, and accept its potential. To this end, SEFE has been working to present the technology at every opportunity, and recently attended the important Electrical Power Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. The conference covers the most important tactical issues in the power industry, and is attended by industry professionals from around the world. SEFE's presence got big play on signs and displays throughout the event, and led to meetings with energy industry representatives.

SEFE CEO, Don Johnston, commented on the importance of getting the news out about the company and Harmony III, the remarkable system for capturing energy from the air. "We are working on developing contacts in the mining and utility space, as well as using the connections of our consultants and collaborations with universities. SEFE's technology has the potential to change the world in terms of green, sustainable energy, so promoting Harmony III at events such as the ELECTRIC POWER Conference is meaningful and important as the company goes forward."

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