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Limelight Networks, Inc. (LLNW) Continues Support Of Customer IPv6 Transition On World IPv6 Day

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Today, Limelight Networks announced it will provide IPv6 support as part of its content delivery service. On June 6, as people across the globe celebrate World IPv6 Day by turning on IPv6, Limelight is supporting customers as they continue to transition to this next-generation Internet protocol.

The Internet of the 21st century is steadily growing, and it is being built on IPv6. As IPv4 Internet begins to fade, there is a genuine risk to customers regarding business continuity. The waning number of IPv4 addresses will limit the number of end users and devices that connect to an organization's digital presence. Limelight has built one of the world's 10 largest networks, so the company understands how crucial digital presence is to customers' business. Limelight is doing its part to seed the transition by making sure that all customers, especially subscriber networks and content providers, are IPv6 enabled at no additional charge to them.

IPv6 support was first introduced by Limelight Networks for its content delivery services in 2009, and for the past two years the company has been enabling IPv6 access to government public facing Web properties, including NASA, in accordance with the Office of Management and Budget mandate that all public services must be IPv6 enabled by the end of 2012.

Because of the overwhelming number of people, devices, and Web services on the Internet today, available addresses in IPv4 are rapidly diminishing. Asia has already run out of IPv4 addresses, and experts predict that Europe will be next. The next-generation Internet protocol, IPv6, provides more than 340 trillion-trillion-trillion addresses to support the Internet's continued growth for many years to come.

Aside from the problem of diminishing IP addresses, there's also great concern about ensuring a cost-effective transition for businesses. Even organizations with all the IPv4 addresses they need will soon have to coexist with a much greater number of IPv6 users, and trying to accommodate them without a well-thought-out migration plan will potentially result in service interruptions and unanticipated costs.

Major ISPs, home networking equipment manufacturers and Web companies, including Limelight, will come together on World IPv6 Day, June 6, to permanently enable IPv6 for their products and services. Limelight's IPv6 capabilities include dual stack (IPv4/IPv6) on the content delivery servers; native IPv6 routing across all network elements; full IPv6 routing table in all locations; full IPv6 domain name services (DNS); and IPv6 peering at IPv6-enabled Internet exchanges, as well as private network interconnects.

Limelight Networks is a provider of integrated cloud-based applications leveraging the company's scalable, high-performance, global computing platform. Limelight offers organizations a complete solution for uploading, managing, publishing, monetizing, accelerating, and analyzing online and mobile content. Limelight's team of experts and end-to-end offering enables customers to streamline all processes throughout the content lifecycle and optimize performance across all channels, allowing quick and cost-effective orchestration of a successful digital presence that enhances brand awareness, drives revenue, and improves customer relationships.

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