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Crown Dynamics Corp. (CDYY) Announces Release Of Patented AIR® Sleep/Snore Product Line

Crown Dynamics and AirWare Labs provide innovative technology solutions and consumer product offerings to promote better health and enhance the wellbeing of people. Crown today announced the launch of its patented AIR® Sleep/Snore product line designed with a proprietary blend of therapeutic essential oils to promote sleep and dilate nasal passages to increase the flow of oxygen and decrease snoring.

"After years of research and development, we're excited that we can deliver to consumers a product that is unlike anything else found in the market today" David Dolezal, president of Airware Labs stated in the press release. "We're proud to offer our unique AIR® Sleep/Snore product which combines essential oils with our AIR® Breathe product that has been clinically proven to significantly reduce snoring. More and more consumers are looking to natural products for relief from a variety of symptoms. We believe this is the biggest advancement in the over the counter sleep/snore market to date."

Airware Labs recently published the results of a clinical trial designed to determine the efficacy of its AIR Breathe products, which acts as an internal nasal dilator as opposed to adhesive nasal strips placed on the outside of the nose. The product demonstrated substantial reduction of snoring in AIR Breathe users, which also resulted in more restful sleep for users and 88 percent of the users' bed partners.

Crown also noted that epidemiologic data indicates that up to 50 percent of adults snore on a regular basis, which is much more than a bothersome noise. Snoring also signals that there is an obstruction of the airway, and has been linked to several medical issues such as cancer, increased blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke.

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