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SEFE, Inc. (SEFE) To Make Breakthrough In Alternative Energy Costs

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In the fast changing and competitive world of alternative energy, perhaps the single biggest challenge is cost, the cost of producing a given amount of energy. As long as the cost of alternative energy sources, such as solar or wind power, are considered to be higher than traditional sources, they will be saddled with a dependency upon government subsidies and/or a limited market willing to pay the higher price. Even if various manipulations of the numbers suggest possible long term cost effectiveness, alternative energy sources will remain in a market gray area.

Improvements in technology, of course, are chipping away at cost differences. Even though technological advances can benefit traditional energy, it still represents a relatively mature industry, with fewer options remaining. Alternative energy, on the other hand, is fairly new, with a steady stream of technological breakthroughs to be expected. In other words, the advantage is with the alternatives.

Perhaps the best example of the disruptive technological possibilities in the field of alternative energy is SEFE, a Colorado based company that has discovered and developed a truly revolutionary source of electrical power. The company has created and successfully tested a way of tapping the massive but hidden potential of the earth's atmosphere. Using a combination of systems, which the company has been actively protecting with a number of granted and pending patents, SEFE is able to use charge differentials to pull a large and continuous flow of direct current electrical energy literally out of thin air, energy that is converted to standard alternating current for immediate use.

In addition to being a totally green energy source, with high availability day and night at any time of the year, the total cost of the resulting electricity is anticipated to be lower than solar or wind power, competitive even with traditional energy sources.

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