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Telanetix, Inc. (TNIX) Is “One To Watch”

Telanetix has quickly risen to a position of prominence in the hosted communications sector via the company's AccessLine™ brand of cloud-based telecom voice services, featuring the latest in sophisticated VoIP solutions for any business. The company is there for customers with a full suite of integrated communications technologies, dedicated to enhancing hardware solutions via SaaS (software as a service) applications provided over a hosted global network, making the ultimate telecom value proposition accessible to the widest range of businesses.

Whether the client is an executive who is constantly on the go, a sales force that is going nuts trying to maintain multiple points of phone contact, or an office manager seeking to deploy a serious, professional-grade phone system that matches real-world demands (but at a small business price), TNIX is able to deliver a comprehensive solution.

One look at the digital business phone service developed by TNIX is all it takes to understand how the company has achieved this level of success, serving in excess of 100k clients (including heavy hitters like American Express, IBM, and Sun Microsystems) with this powerful combination of state of the art small business PBX phone systems and the company's hosted voice services. With the help of Telanetix's digital phone service, even small companies can easily migrate to more efficient infrastructure, avoiding the massive overhead associated with installing a new, costly phone system and eliminating the need to have an IT professional on the payroll to handle the process.

In one fell swoop, even small businesses can quickly replace existing PBX/voicemail infrastructure without having to fork over big capital outlays to do so, while also obtaining the many benefits provided within the new solution, like virtualizing the extensions and contact points for maximum scalability (and maximum national/international presence). Total end-user call control/management capabilities are included, as well as the capacity to extend corporate dial plans and the advanced feature set to employees at any phone or desktop, all within an integrated services envelope that meshes seamlessly with existing landline, wireless, and existing corporate networks.

We are talking total, unified messaging here that allows for crystal clear external business continuity; solutions that make the telecommuting and mobile workforce targets accessible, even on a small budget. Telanetix has aggressively pursued a dynamic partnering strategy with other top VoIP and telephony carriers to create a single umbrella that covers all the bases, whether you are in the office on the corporate VPN or in the field working with clients, AccessLine provides Fortune 50 class execution at small business prices.

Key emphasis on interoperability and dovetailing with legacy systems makes moving to the next level with phone services a breeze and a simple decision for managers. Easy to understand, easy to implement, and ruthlessly efficient at virtualizing a constantly changing demand space for the ultimate in continuity and user-control, this is the image of the AccessLine brand that has quickly disseminated sector-wide with each client success story. The company even extends a generous referral rewards program, whereby customers who submit a referral can get back $50 per line on digital phone system and service package purchases ($25 on referrals who purchase individual services).

Services like SmartConference, which bundles everything from a full web interface, guest codes, scheduling, and all the other bells and whistles clients need to execute professional conferencing, are also available without any hidden fees or annual contacts. Smart800, a flat rate toll-free number system offers a variety of choices in addition to the basic free set up and activation version, with custom vanity numbers and even existing number transfers. SmartMessage, a unified fax and voice mail platform, propagates emails or text messages to alert users of a new voice mail or fax. SmartOffice, super easy to use, set up, and configure via a web interface, gives full auto attendant capabilities (a virtual attendant that greets callers and provides menu options) to callers (sample scripts are even provided for custom menu options) and eliminates phone tag by instantly routing any/all calls to any location.

The AccessLine SIP Trunking technology at the heart of their solutions (with or without a VoIP gateway) brings so many new features to the table it's hard to imagine doing business without them. With enhanced features like a virtual web-fax service that allows web-based send/receive, follow-me-number capability which automatically routes calls to devices in order to make sure a call is never missed, and even hunt groups (allows inbound/outbound calls to automatically hunt for the next available line) makes jumping ship from existing backend infrastructure a mo-brainer.

Keep all the phones and just replace the backend with VoIP; do it simply, easily, and without huge capital outlays, and end up with a telecommunications solution that offers total end-user control and system-wide, real-time situational awareness - this is what today's competitive businesses are thinking, and TNIX has the goods to make it a reality. All of the installation, management, and support activities required are handled directly by certified AccessLine technicians and the company really cares about working hand-in-hand with clients to achieve a unique, customized solution that fits the real-world demands of the business. Full technical support from AccessLine's award winning customer service group supports big clients (like Sun and IBM) just as well as small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Being able to bring in a comprehensive overlay system like this through advanced VoIP technology creates workflow synergies that are immediately applied to the bottom line. The time saving and cost saving potential of such solutions has become increasingly more attractive as the globalized, virtualized workspace comes increasingly to the fore.

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