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Rentrak Corp. (RENT) Is “One To Watch”

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Rentrak has been giving entertainment content providers and distributors the inside track for over twenty years on how audiences engage their content, with the kind of high-fidelity, granular, and near real-time business intelligence required to maximize advertising/marketing vectors.

By giving clients powerful web-based toolsets with which to digest truly broad-spectrum electronic feedback from transactions occurring across the gamut of platforms, from broadband and mobile technology deliveries, to home entertainment, television, and the box office, Rentrak helps clients obtain a laser focus on customer demand. The ability to scope trends from within a given product's environment, resolve complex user interaction patterns, and subsequently blow away the competition by being able to hone programming down to the target market's constantly evolving interests, has made the Oregon-base Rentrak a global name.

In an industry that already transforms rapidly, Rentrak is providing evolutionary catalysts in the form of responsive media measurement technologies. The company fuses research capability, content measurement metrics, and intelligent analytical services to form a secret weapon that has been used by some of the biggest players in the entertainment industry to cut through complex audience data and reap huge revenues. But Rentrak's product/service portfolio isn't just for Hollywood film studios and big television networks; all sorts of entertainment providers can prosper through use of the company's innovative software, technology, and services. Even small video stores and Internet TV pioneers can get an edge with these modular solutions.

A vast wealth of experience delivering robust box office content intelligence solutions has reinforced a strong foundational position in the market and a look at the comprehensive product lineup of media measurement offerings Rentrak has developed goes a long way to explaining why. Box Office Essentials® and International Box Office Essentials® together have catapulted Rentrak to the level of a global standard for delivering accurate box office grosses (as well as attendance/revenue, covering some 85k screens in 30 countries, roughly 90% of the global theatrical architecture), using proprietary systems that serve every major distribution framework in existence, from big studios to indie film distributors, with trusted near real-time data (even weekend results and projections).

Television is another constantly changing landscape where viewer/content metrics are essential for networks and advertisers who want to understand the audience. Rentrak has all of the bases covered in this area with full census-class, transaction-level datasets tied into a suite of tools. OnDemand Essentials® and AdEssentials offer the most comprehensive VOD (video on demand) information service around, providing tight content-to-usage metrics via an intuitive web interface, scanning an umbrella of over 105M set-top boxes, all of which dovetails seamlessly with the powerful AdEssentials framework that allows advertising campaigns to reach optimal range and frequency targets. As the mobile space continues to gain dominance as a leading pipeline for content distribution, Rentrak is there with Mobile Essentials, a highly customizable service platform for on demand and live content that draws on the strengths of OnDemand Essentials to drive near real-time audience overlap, audience sharing, demographic/geographic analysis, and viewership information. Just the kind of solution Qualcomm needed for their FLO TV service (also their Hiwire trial), Mobile Essentials merges content monetization and empirical market heuristics with the mobile web space effectively and beautifully.

The recent debut of the Studio Share module for OnDemand Essentials represents the company's continued dedication to bleeding-edge solutions and will offer total market transparency, allowing studios to see not only their own VOD data, but that of their competitors as well. Rentrak is even developing an iVOD rental and electronic sell-through transparency system for the industry to harness already actively collected transaction data (on devices like the iPad, PC, PlayStation, Roku, Xbox, and the like).

TV Essentials™ combines set-top box data and demographic/consumer behavioral data (over 98% of all residential zip codes) to deliver penetrating depth of insight into the robust, zip code-level tune-in behavior information fed in from some 8.5M homes via the company's cable, satellite, and telco partners (featuring the only Exact Commercial Ratings capability). StationView Essentials further revolutionizes viewership tracking methodologies by allowing local television stations to bolster market share through monitoring daily program performance (round-the-clock data from all 210 broadcast and cable markets) and adjusting programming accordingly.

These same usage data compiling functions and analytical systems apply to the burgeoning broadband market as well, and Rentrak developed Internet TV Essentials™ to help advertisers and content providers capture territory in ad-supported online television. The same ability to evaluate content "shelf-life" (something critical in the world of Internet video) present in the company's other solutions, really shines here as a key advantage for delivering actionable market intelligence. With Digital Download Essentials, Rentrak provides the industry's only Pay-Per-Transaction® (PPT®, also includes royalty calculations), provider tailored suite for handling consolidated reporting and auditing functions.

The company also has a Research Insights department that crystallizes some of the top minds in media research, ratings, and statistics, who also have the technical writing proficiency and real-world experience with rolling out new products that are required to help clients fully capitalize on Rentrak's technology. The research group strives to leverage the company's vast integrated consumer video and entertainment databases for clients, in order to help them realize the true potential of the patterns that exist within such large data sets.

Rentrak's home entertainment services round out the menu, bringing retailers and content providers in the $24B packaged home entertainment sector the same preeminent data measurement and analytical tools deployed elsewhere. In the end markets where DVD, Blu-ray, and video game rentals are the meat and potatoes of the business, suppliers and rental retailers (irrespective of size) can get their hands on top box office hits and independent releases via PPT Revenue Sharing (as flexible, low-cost leasing is highly preferable). Studio Revenue Share Essentials® employs a processing engine that is faster than any third-party information vendor technology on the market to deliver home video revenue-sharing results in the most comprehensive analytical environment possible. Home Video Essentials® drives rental data into the hands of Rentrak's industry clients from some 6k stores and 44k or more kiosks in the U.S. and Canada (within a 72-hour window) using the same lightning-fast engine, while Retail Essentials® (combined with the Promotional Monitor ad-tracking service) offers an intelligence application that is like having a crystal ball for the home entertainment retail space.

The best software, the best data, and the best solutions for delivering coherent, actionable market intelligence to the advertising, television, and entertainment industries, all distinguish Rentrak as a unique leader. To learn more about how Rentrak is staying ahead of the game in this constantly evolving space, head over to the company's website at:

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