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VolitionRX Ltd. (VNRX) Strives To Bring Groundbreaking Simple Cancer Detection Blood Tests To Market

VolitionRX is a life sciences company endeavoring to bring to market a range of epigenetic cancer detection blood tests that are as common and easy to use as diabetic and cholesterol tests currently available on similar formats. The company is managed by a seasoned team that is well-respected and experienced in diagnostics and commercialization.

Volition's focus is meeting the urgent and unmet need for large-scale and low cost early detection tests in the cancer diagnostic market. Chances for cancer survival are greatly improved by early detection and diagnosis, which makes VolitionRX's efforts potentially invaluable.

Volition is in the process of developing a range of blood-based epigenetic cancer early detection tests that are planned to be released for research and then clinical use in Europe, North America, and across the globe. The tests, once developed, will be marketed under the NuQ brand name and will include: NuQ, a general blood test for detecting the level of all nucleosomes in a patient's blood; NuQ-X, a family of blood tests that detect nucleosomes containing specific nucleotides; NuQ-V, a family of tests that detect nucleosomes containing specific histone variants that identify the type of cancer present; and NuQ-M, a family of tests that detect nucleosomes containing modified histones that can be used as a blood test for individual cancer types.

These tests are being developed to work together. The basic NuQ test will serve as a frontline test for the level of nucleosomes in the blood. If this test's results are negative, it means there is likely no cancer present and further testing is not immediately needed. If the results of the test are positive, however, the patient may possibly have cancer or another condition, requiring further testing to confirm this and, if cancer exists, to determine the specific subtype of cancer. This determination will be made using the NuQ-V tests and the NuQ-M test, collectively called the NuQ panel.

The Nucleosomics tests are protected by worldwide patent applications and the U.S. Research institutions will soon be able to purchase the NuQ test. It is Volition's intention that the tests will be available to clinical patients thereafter under the NuQ brand. The company's planned range of simple blood tests will continue to expand on increasingly simple formats with both general and specific cancer tests.

Volition is additionally in the process of developing a technology called HyperGenomics, aimed at determining specific epigenetic signatures from cancer biopsies by reading "hypersensitive sites" along the DNA string. Being developed as a second-line once cancer has been diagnosed, these tests will accurately determine the specific subtype of disease and help decide the most appropriate therapy.

Established in 2010, VolitionRX currently houses its primary development activities in Belgium, augmented by commercialization work in Singapore. The focus of this commercialization work is to bring the company's pioneering diagnostic products to market, first in Europe, then the United States, and then around the world.

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