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Cardium Therapeutics (CXM) Offers Hope Both In And Outside The U.S.

|Includes: Cardium Therapeutics, Inc (CXM)

Cardium Therapeutics offers a dramatic new approach in the treatment of heart disease with the company's product candidate Generx® (alferminogene tadenovec, Ad5FGF-4), a DNA-based angiogenic growth factor being developed for the treatment of patients with advanced coronary artery disease (NYSEARCA:CAD).

Traditional drug therapies, including nitrates and beta blockers, are designed to relieve angina chest pain, but do not address the underlying disease. Generx, on the other hand, is designed to actually stimulate the growth of supplemental collateral blood vessels in the heart, and enhance myocardial blood flow, key to patients with insufficient blood flow due to atherosclerotic plaque restricting flow in the coronary arteries that supply the heart. Generx is being developed as a disease-modifying regenerative medicine therapeutic that can elicit structural and physiologic changes in the heart following a one-time intracoronary administration from a standard cardiac infusion catheter.

Generx has already progressed through a number of randomized, placebo-controlled clinical studies at over 100 medical centers in the U.S. and Western Europe that have enrolled over 650 patients, and is being developed for international markets outside the U.S. as a treatment for patients for whom costly and invasive surgical revascularization procedures, such as coronary artery bypass surgery and angioplasty/stents, are not viable.

Heart disease remains a major killer in the U.S. and other industrialized countries, but the situation is becoming even worse in parts of the world still undergoing industrialization, such as China, India, Russia, Latin America, and the Middle East, where heart disease is rapidly increasing, and healthcare systems are less able to provide the expensive, invasive, and repeated procedures more common in the U.S. and Europe. Generx offers a potential solution, since it can be administered non-surgically, using a standard cardiac infusion catheter as is used for diagnosis, and can stimulate the natural process of blood vessel growth in the heart's microcirculation that is not reachable by surgical intervention.

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