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Neo-Carb Bloc By Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. (CXM): Be Still, My Carbs

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My husband has type 2 diabetes, and since his diagnosis a year-and-a-half ago I've had to incorporate the word "carbohydrate" into my vocabulary and use it. Often.

Diabetes is a real balancing act. If my husband eats too many carbs in a meal, he begins getting lethargic, slurring his words and generally not feeling well. If he doesn't eat enough carbs, his blood sugar can plummet in a hurry and he begins … well, getting lethargic, slurring his words and generally not feeling well. So carbs are a big deal in our house - you might say they're the starchy/sugary elephant in the living room.

When we were given an opportunity to try the new Neo-Carb Bloc by Cardium Therapeutics, which claims to help neutralize the starch found in carb-rich foods, reduce the enzymatic digestion of starches, and promote a low-carb lifestyle, I thought, "Who better to try out a carb-blocking product than a diabetic?" So we agreed to try it.

First off, I should clarify that the company makes no claims that this product will help diabetics, lower their blood sugar, or do anything like that. This product is actually meant to be a weight-loss supplement. But I was curious to see if it could help a diabetic, since it is designed to reduce the absorption of starches from carbohydrate-rich foods (and carbohydrates are a diabetic's worst enemy). So my husband became my guinea pig in testing out Neo-Carb Bloc.

In trying out the product (which comes in pill form), I had my husband take a Neo-Carb Bloc pill just before eating a carb-heavy meal, as the instructions directed. We tested and recorded his blood sugar levels before and after he took each pill and then ate the carbs.

In monitoring my husband's blood sugars after he took Neo-Carb Bloc and then ate carb-loaded foods like pasta, muffins, and cereal, I was initially disappointed, because there was no noticeable improvement in his blood sugar levels; his blood sugar still shot up quite a bit after eating the carb-rich food, like it always does. But, then I noted something very, very interesting: When he took the Neo-Carb Bloc pill before eating the carbs, his physical reaction to the carbohydrates improved considerably.

On our first "test drive" with Neo-Carb Bloc, I gave my husband two servings of pasta - and a chocolate chip muffin for good measure (I wanted to be thorough in my scientific experimentation). As usual, his blood sugar went up after the carb-loading (it rose 50 points in 15 minutes). But what's interesting was his physical reaction to the carbs. Ordinarily, after a meal like that he would begin getting red in the face (the tell-tale sign I personally use for gauging whether his blood sugar is too high), start slurring his words, and get really lethargic. But he didn't. Even though the blood sugar levels became elevated as usual, his physical reaction to the carbs was substantially better. He seemed fine, actually. Kept on functioning normally - and that's really remarkable for a diabetic after eating two plates of pasta and a muffin.

We continued our experimenting over a couple of days - a Neo-Carb Bloc pill just before eating carbs and then monitoring the changes in blood sugar. Each time, the blood sugar rose as usual after he consumed the carbs, but the physical reaction was significantly better - no slurring of words, no lethargy.

I won't make any claims here - I'll let the reader form his or her own conclusions from my experiment. But I'm impressed to see my husband eating pasta, muffins, cold cereal, etc., and not getting dopey and passing out on me. The elevated blood sugar is still a health risk, and we'll always have to count carbs, test blood sugar, and be careful about carb consumption (until somebody comes up with a cure for diabetes…) But let's face it: Every diabetic has "naughty" moments. My husband, for instance, is a pizza lover with a fondness for Coca-Cola, gummy worms, and spaghetti. So it's nice to know that I've possibly found a way to keep him from getting sick and senseless when he indulges.

The next time my husband goes into the convenience store under the pretext of buying diet soda but comes out with a bag of gummy worms instead, I'll be armed and ready!

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