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MagneGas Corp. (MNGA) Green Fuel From Liquid Waste Technology Developer Approved For NASDAQ Listing

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MagneGas, the company behind the MagneGas™ cutting/welding fuel technology, which manufactures recyclers in a range from the 50kW metal cutting shop units up to 1MW industrial plant scale, was pleased to report today that the company's NASDAQ common stock listing was approved, with trading beginning today at 9:30 a.m. ET under the ticker symbol MNGA.

MagneGas is a great natural gas alternative offering which boasts an amazingly green profile, turning liquid waste into a viable energy product, while performing sequestration that results in economically viable secondary outputs. Whether directly burned for cutting metal, with a fuel that burns exceptionally hot and clean, producing a nice rapid cut with minimal slag, or stored/transferred for use in gas powered transportation vehicles, water/home heating, and cooking, MagneGas is an environmentally stabilizing fuel technology that really works.

The production of a clean burning hydrogen-based natural gas alternative derived from liquid waste is technology destined to transform the waste-to-energy architecture of cities, ships, and other scale-appropriate targets, and MNGA is bolting out of the gate, ahead of the pack with proven, scalable hardware.

Chairman and Founder of MNGA, Dr. Ruggero Santilli, called the NASDAQ listing another major milestone for the company on their long track record of rigorous R&D efforts over several years to advance the technology. The company has moved mountains to advance this critical technology to the broadest commercial vectors possible, putting forth the kind of financial and technological effort that has already attracted a considerable investor presence.

Dr. Santilli expressed a great deal of confidence in the fact that this listing will open the door to a much broader shareholder base that is already eager to embrace such cutting-edge environmental technology. The improved liquidity should accelerate the logistical framework nicely and as visibility increases through the exchange, MNGA should generate the kind of widespread awareness required to take things to the next level.

On a personal note, Dr. Santilli hailed the milestone as a significant philosophical reification of a life-long mission to provide America fuel independence via the production of clean burning, cost competitive fuels. The real beauty of this kind of hardware is that it constitutes a modular, scalable solution that can be implemented in a highly localized fashion, applying conversion technology where and as needed, meaning that mounting commercial uptake can solve much of the waste and energy problems organically. Because the end product is interchangeable with natural gas, the emerging natural gas infrastructure (like gas powered autos), bolstered by the vast domestic reserves of natural gas, will constitute a huge, ideal end market for MagneGas fuel as well. This fuel technology certainly has a bright future with abundant domestic feedstock.

The patented Plasma Arc Flow technology has far-reaching potential as well, with analysis of a wind-turbine integration method showing superb results, meaning a MagneGas recycler/refinery is an ideal synergy module for turning existing wind power equipment into fuel production infrastructure. The potential of oxyhydrogen technology for scrubbing coal exhaust and burning fossil fuels is also an extremely attractive aspect of the technology (MagneGas contains at least 65% hydrogen in a mixture, as opposed to a valence bond with oxygen and other gaseous fuels).

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