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SEFE, Inc. (SEFE) Plans For Commercial Applications

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Harmony III is the name given to a revolutionary system being developed by Colorado based SEFE. Enabling access to clean, renewable, and efficient electrical energy directly from the earth's atmosphere, in virtually any location regardless of weather conditions, it's a technology with a number of advantages over other renewable energy approaches. Unlike wind farms, the SEFE system requires no large and expensive footprint across the land or sea, and it operates independently of wind or other weather conditions. Unlike solar farms, the SEFE system can produce energy, day or night, whether sunny or cloudy. And, unlike other renewable strategies, Harmony III does not require extensive infrastructure.

Although the system could be safely deployed in every backyard, SEFE's initial efforts are focused on commercial applications, targeting:

• The utility/co-op sector for augmenting the industry's electrical generation capabilities
• Heavy industry requiring on-site electrical generation, such as the mining industry, rural construction, and heavy manufacturing
• World relief organizations, which often distribute aid and emergency relief in very remote parts of the world lacking electricity
• The military, which needs electrical generation at forward or temporary bases

As SEFE continues to develop the groundbreaking technologies associated with Harmony III, the company thoroughly protects its intellectual property, with a number of patents that are issued or pending, including:

• USPTO Patent Number 7,855,476 - Atmospheric Electrical Generator
• USPTO Patent Number 8,102,078 Dynamic Electrical Converter System
• USPTO Patent Number 8,102,082 Atmospheric Static Electricity Collector
• USPTO Patent Number 8,102,083 Atmospheric Electrical Generator with Change of State

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