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API: Study Shows U.S. Oil And Gas Infrastructure Could Support More Than 1 Million Jobs

WASHINGTON -- API released a new study that shows private investment in U.S. natural gas and oil infrastructure could create over 1 million U.S. jobs.

"By 2035, if the right regulatory policies are in place, private investment could exceed $1.3 trillion for oil and natural gas infrastructure, and create more than 1 million jobs," said Kyle Isakower, API V.P. of regulatory and economic policy.

"Already, reliable access to energy has helped drive down utility, product and other energy-related costs providing a $1,337-boost to the average American household in 2015. U.S. industrial electricity costs are 30%-50% lower than those of our foreign competitors, giving manufacturers - including producers of steel, chemicals, refined fuels, plastics, fertilizers and numerous other products - a major competitive advantage."

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