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Stem Cell Research and Its Current Development

The experimenters in medical wear have a very important goal which is to discover a cure for total blindness. There are a lot of people all over the world suffering from mild blindness and it is sometimes caused by accident (just like what happened to a certain Russell Turnbull in an ammonia attack), cataract (wherein the lens of someone’s eye has clouded), river blindness (which is caused by a breeding worm in rivers of West and even Central Africa) and other else. That is why those laboratory specialists take efforts in saving some, if not all of these.

Are you familiar with the ones in medical wear by an organization called as Advanced Cell Technology? Well, if not, let us start from scratch... Basics... ACT is a biotechnology company specializing in the cellular therapies development for the purpose of treating diseases whether common or rare.

There are already lots of proofs about the effectiveness of stem cell (aside from blindness) and this would include deterioration of muscles because of some severe diseases. And now, these experimenters behind such a brilliant idea once again wear their medical scrubs and uniforms as they step into the last and final stage of their study. They are in the so called, Retinal Pigment Epithelial Program and it would then have to include some disorders in the retina of the patient. They study about the containment of the stem cells in one’s retina and by means of doubling and multiplying the same from time to time, they are going to prolong and even retain the sense of sight of a certain individual.

What then is the current development of the research?

The government of United States has already approved the therapy arising from the continued study of the embryos in the stem cells. It is made for the purpose of treating an extraordinary disease which may cause total blindness. Those people in medical wear call it Stargardt disease.

What then is this kind of disease?

It is also called as Fundus Flavimaculatus and it is true that it can be associated with those oldies out there. I do not threat you folks but this is the truth, as soon as the eyes age, they can already suffer from this disease. But there is one thing that you must take note into, and that is the fact that it may affect the children as well. How is that possible?

It is transferred if both of the child’s parents have in their systems gene mutations. It then causes eye disease just like this Stargardt’s one. That would also mean that even if they do not actually have such a disease, they may carry it in their systems, they may have acquired it also from their parents, and it is possibly transferred to their children.

That is why the experimenters in ACT take a lot of efforts just to add colours to the lives of these patients. They do not study for the sake of their own vested interest, but for the sake of those who depend and who will be benefited on the success of their study.