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Some thoughts on investing....

I have been investing for over twenty years and I feel it is time to share some thoughts. Let me begin by saying that investing is a passion for me, its a passion that I happen to profit from (most of the time), but it did not come easy. I witnessed the 1987 crash when I was in college-and the one thing that I remember from that day is that my professor (of Economics) did not even spend one minute on the crash--I was startled! This was the time that I realized that "smart" people like my professor did not own stocks or understood the nature of the stock market. I wanted in---and I have never looked back since. Here are some of the things that I have learned over the years:

Mutual funds are ordinary at best, they will not make you "life changing" returns.

Diversification should be limited to a basket of no more than 12 individual stocks in each portfolio.

Read the greats (Buffet, Lynch, etc.) and learn how to analyze a company's balance sheet. When you read and learn-you will know what a quality company is. I promise that it will become easy to you to tell the difference between bad and good stocks.

You will want more corrections to occur, so you can load up on some more quality, I know its crazy to think, but believe me you look forward to the down days.

I obviously did not give you much info on what stocks to buy, but I think that when you read some books and teach yourself--YOU WILL KNOW WHAT TO BUY FOR YOU!! What I invest in may not be your cup of tea--and do not forget I am on Seeking Alpha and I do on occasion give my own stock ideas.

Stay Tuned and happy investing!!