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The Elevation Group on Buying Gold and Silver

Elevation Group Investing - Beware

Mike Dillard created "The Elevation Group" for many reasons. One very important reason is to help regular people make educated valuable decisions. By opening up his rolodex, Mike Dillard is opening the vault to the secrets of the richest people.


PRLog (Press Release)Nov 06, 2010 – By creating "The Elevation Group", Mike Dillard is single-handedly taking on a leadership role of epic proportions. he has always been a man of total accountability and 'no excuses' action oriented mentality. by releasing The Elevation Group, he is creating an awareness so large that once you've heard the information, you will be changed forever. More importantly, if you ignore what Mike has learned from the wealthiest people; that he is sharing with us; then it's to your own peril.

There are so many reason why people need to wake up and pay attention to what is happening in the economy. Obviously, the US dollar is tanking beyond belief and the Feds will take the path of least resistance and print more money. Social programs like medicare, and social security are debts that literally can't be paid with out going into more debt. The ability to have 'cheap oil' is just about over. The population is sky rocketing and more people than ever are using food stamps to buy food (another social program).

During The Great Depression, millionaires were abundant. There were millionaires being created during the Depression because they knew one very important rule. Wealth doesnt go away, it is only transferred. It's similar to laws of physics like 'conservation of momentum' or conservation of mass'. This means, that for those who know - when and where and how to put their assets will become ridiculously wealth in the next 6- 36 months.

"The Elevation Group" is created by Mike Dillard for that very purpose. in essence to save your future, and your family's future. Along with that, the training and resources will help protect and grow your money long after this economy collapses.

Don't ever say, "No one told me..." the only question I have for you is this, " Are you going to be the one on the unemployment line getting food stamps for your kids or will you be smart and take action and get your butt in gear?"

The launch is December, 2010. But you can get more details at

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Elevation Group Investing helps increase awareness about Mike Dillard's membership program called "The Elevation Group". Mike Dillard created the program to help people prosper during the greatest transfer of wealth about to happen.

Disclosure: Buy precious metals