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HIFREQ TRADE 2011 - Ever faster, ever smarter next generation High Frequency Trading

With high frequency trading (HFT) plunging into the low microseconds and all easy alpha arbitraged away, where will the day traders go next? Can they and the markets go even faster and what advantages does that offer? What are the risks of ever decreasing latency or the challenges of asynchronous operations? Can traders scale up and out geographically? How do you juggle thousands of exposures? What are the practicalities of trading emerging markets or global arbitrage? Or will they have to get smarter looking at ever more factors, asset classes and data sources like robo-news feeds to ease the way for the fundamental value trader to make the markets more predictable? With politicians and regulators on the warpath, and given the lessons of the flash crash, how can we make the world safe for both high frequency traders and slower participants and still exploit the market efficiencies that HFT offers? Finally, how is machine-to-machine (M2M) e-commerce likely to evolve with complex, real-time supply chains to provide the just-in-time risk and alpha signals to optimize distributed trading engines and ensure manageable risks? 

These questions will be raised at HIFREQ TRADE 2011, the second annual event dedicated to practitioners and professionals who are exhilarated by the challenge of speed, ready to face the dangers of bleeding edge technology, yet sufficiently serious and sober to manage the financial risks in a trading world that knows no boundaries in terms of volume, scope or complexity. HFT has come of age, hence, this year theme of the event will be ever faster, ever smarter: next generation High Frequency Trading
The first annual event was held on February 24th in London's Marriott Hotel, and the event showed the crucial importance of the topic that attracted close to 200 attendees.For reference, click here: 
For HIFREQ TRADE 2011 website, click here:

Discussed topics will include: 

   * Faster, further or smarter: the next HFT horizon 
   * Latest Regulatory and Market Impact developments 
   * Recent Technological Advancements within High Frequency Trading 
   * Advanced multi asset class trading techniques 
   * HFT in FX 
   * Exploring HFT opportunities in emerging markets 
   * Latency optimization strategies 
   * Critical importance of  Low Latency Data Feeds to achieve alpha 
   * Optimizing Risk Management strategies in uncertain and volatile Markets 
   * DMA, Co-location, sponsored access, exchange membership, proximity hosting. 
   * Engineering the Algo Production Line 

HIFREQ TRADE 2011 will be held on February 24th, 2011 in London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square

For more information, contact Martin Kulik on +421917848439, or email: or visit