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Sometimes ya just gotta do it ! SELL I mean

|Includes: GMO, UEC, WDOFF

  Each week I visually screen about 500 stocks on my ACTIVE Radar.  My technical scans do the Passive Radar thing for the other 5,000.

Being action oriented I tend to only "Date" stocks, rather than "Marry" them
[ although I found one last week that is Financee material, and will go into my "FIREnFORGET© Portfolio"].

   That why today was a little sad as I eliminated TEN [ 10 ] positions, almost 25% of my total Tracking Porfolio.   That said there are quite a few litle runners in that TRACKING PORTFOLIO that are hot-footing it to the upside but they too will have a time to sell come to them.

Today I sold ALL of MNLU
                    1/2   of GGN - 12% profit + divs
                     ALL of BQI   -   5% loss
                     1/2  of GMO -  65% profit since Sept
                     ALL of  EK    -  15% profit since Aug
                     ALL of NOR  -   76% since Sept 30
                     ALL of ME.To-  25% since 9/16
                     ALL of WDO.To-16% since Aug.
                     1/2 of  UEC  -   271% since 10/20

These were all trades, and sold either cause they were exhausted or the weakest current horses on my string.
Stopped out of NTR.V @ .66 last week for a double despite the subsequent sell off

Re-balanced by selling ALL Encanto Potash for a triple.   I antcipate a Re-Buy.

I dumped MNLU for a 65% profit in two weeks, not because I didnt think it had more potential, but because I developed negative information on one of the insiders, and decided to exit.

Whilst I see GOLD hanging tough, I could make a case for the coming seasonal weakness to take some of the fire out from under it, but I see no such paralell for Silver, and have some Gold Silver Ratio thoughts about that that I have published elsewhere.

  IMO, commodities will be back, but even the strongest and fasted horses need a rest.

Disclosure: Theoretical portfolio, sold out any I had, holding NONE