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Trade Ideas

My last trades were pretty bad. BGZ lost over 6% today down to about 10.05. So if you listened to me yesterday your stop loss would be triggered and lost about 30 cents a share.
I didnt expect the news to that good. But i dont think the news are long term. The Euro Crisis haven’t gone yet, and unemployment is still very high. And dont for get Medicare.
But I'm still sticking to BGZ and EUO. BGZ is a 3x leveraged short fund, when you invest in that you are gambling against the market, and since its leveraged if you are wrong then you losses are 3x more damaging. Same with EUO, Euo is 2x leveraged.
I would continue to hold EUO. The Euro is still going down; I think today is just a little put up in the exchange rate. If you were holding EUO in November you would have made a cool 16.5%, if you were holding SPY you would have lost 1%. EUO is a medium term trade; EUO could have another 10-15% on the up side.

I’m not so sure about BGZ, BGZ tracks the Russell 1000 Index, and usually the Russell 1000 Index performs the best when the whole market is up and drops the most when it’s down.  Though my own observations. If BGZ hits the early November lows of around 9.8, then I would buy it then, because there is support there.

Ideas for December
Short Portfolio consist of
Small Cap- TZA
Financial- FAZ
Large Cap- BGZ
Oil- SCO
S&P500- SPXU
Base Materials-SMN

Small Cap would take a huge blow if we get a major pull back.
Financials still havent recovered like the rest of the market.
Large Cap follows the market.
Euro is still going to go down.
Oil is gonna take a hit when the dollar start to strength.
S&P, DOW and NASDAQ have major resistents to break. and the Euro have a huge effect on whole market.
Base Materials is always the best performing or the worst slugger, based on my observations.


 Trade tracker.
BGZ stop loss at 10.30, lost 3% with out commission cost.
EUO is down 2.3%


Disclosure: Long on EUO, Sold Position on BGZ, No Position on TZA, FAZ, SCO, SPXU, DXD, SQQQ, SMN