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Hot Potatoes

|Includes: EUO, Direxion Daily S&P 500 Bear 3x Shares ETF (SPXS)

The market today was playing hot potatoes between the bear and bull, at the end the bear won by a very small amount. But today could tell us a good story about tomorrow and the rest of the December.
Short ETF Portfoilio.
In the blogs before i talked about buliding a Short Portfolio based on Leveraged Inverse ETF. And i still thinks that is a good idea to make some quick profits in the month of December. The way i see it, the Dow 30 cant break the 11,400ish mark. Right now you can take a chance and bet on the market going down, with at least 4:1 advantage. Why? Because if the market tomorrow shots up on some good new and break the 11,450 mark and closes above that level then you can get out of you Inverse ETF and Snag up some big cap in the Dow 30. You would loses a few %, but if the market goes down to 11,200 mark. the you would made 6-7 %. and you take some risk off and get out half of your ETF and buy some Call Options on these inverse ETFs.
i really like a few of these most common inverse ETFs.
FAZ- Financial
BGZ- Large Cap
EUO- the Euro ( we'll get to that later in the blog)
TZA- Small Cap

The Euro.
The Euro weaken soon after it started trading on sunday night, it dropped about .35% or 40ish PIPS.i knew it was a sign that the market is not goning to perform well today.  and at 8 am the Euro againist the USD was down about 1%. i was expecting a atleast a 80 point drop on heavy volume. but i was wrong. the Euro is still gonna weaken and there is resistant at 1.3450 mark. right now is still a good time to short the Euro. The Euro could go back to the mid summer amount. which is around 1.20. that is almost a 12% drop, and with the 2x leverage you could yield 25% in matter of few months.
Large Cap
BGZ is a great buy right now around 9.6 its at a new 52 week low.

EUO is up 1.52 % today.

Long on EUO, NO position on BGZ, FAZ, TZA,