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2nd Quarter changes in my mock Portfolio

|Includes: Caterpillar Inc. (CAT), CSCO, FAZ, SPXS, TZA, XOM

First quarter i was able to squeeze out a 4.27% by investing into Large Cap stocks, mainly in to CAT, XOM,and a Short position in CSCO. With a large stake in Gold. Second quarter I'm paying close attention to April 24th, when Mr. Bernake talks about the future and maybe another Quantitative easing. If there is another QE, then im buying Leveraged stock ETFs, look what happen to the first 2 QEs. But most likely there isn't going to be another QE. At the end of April, around 80% will be in Corporate debt, Teasuries, and high yield Corporate. the other 20% will be a long position in leveraged ETFs suchs as FAZ, BGZ, TZA.

After the speech i will update my portfolio holdings

I opened an account on marketwatch's virtual exchange to tests out my strategies, with 50MM. Year to date return is 3.78% the portfolio is leveraged up 24MM or 1:1.48