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2010 Precious Metals Price Forecasting Competition Winners

|Includes: CEF, SPDR Gold Trust ETF (GLD), IAU, PALL, PGM, SLV

ST. LOUIS ( -- Precious metal price forecasters had a fantastic 2010. If investors had stumbled blindly into gold, silver, platinum and palladium last year, they would have done very well to weight their decisions according to the collective wisdom of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) analysts.

Even in their weakest metal - palladium - they did very well with an average accuracy of 75%. That’s an incredible feat given how wildly palladium ranged this year as it overtook the other metals to be the best performing one for 2010 by a long way.

Gold was a different story though. The analysts averaged an accuracy of 96% with only four analysts scoring less than 90% (1 will be excluded for technical reasons since he only forecast an average which turned out to be a very good bet).

The analysts were 86% accurate across the board, with silver coming in at 87% and platinum at 84%.

Remarkably, Fred Panizzutti of MKS Finance took two first places and one third which gave him a very clear first place overall.

Now it’s the turn for all-comers to take on the LBMA analysts in the 2011 competition. There are significant prizes on offer, starting with 100 ounces of fine silver for the best silver price forecaster. Additional prizes will be announced shortly for the other metal categories. Click to place your entry.

The best forecasters for 2010 (click the links for detailed results for all participants):


  1. Fred Panizzutti, MKS Finance:         94%
  2. Ross Norman, TheBullionDesk:         89%
  3. Tom Kendall, Credit Suisse:                89%


  1. Tom Kendall, Credit Suisse:                99%
  2. Ross Norman, TheBullionDesk:         98%
  3. Robin Bhar, Calyon Credit Agri:        96%



  1. Fred Panizzutti, MKS Finance:         95%
  2. Mike Ludwig, BNP Paribas:                94%
  3. Joerg Ceh, Landesbank:                 88%



  1. David Wilson, Societe Generale:        95%
  2. Jeffrey Christian, CPM Group:        94%
  3. Fred Panizzutti, MKS Finance:         93%



  1. Fred Panizzutti, MKS Finance:         95%
  2. Rene Hochreiter, Allan Hochreiter:        94%
  3. Mike Ludwig, BNP Paribas:                94%


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