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Quorumm Digital Venture Partners opens its operations in Latin America along with Omar Arab as CEO of the group in the region.

Washington D.C, December 6, 2010 – Quorumm Digital Venture Partners (QDVP),a third generation venture capital firm with more than 500M under management to invest and accelerate early stage companies in the digital advertisement industry , appointed Omar Arab as Regional CEO of Quorumm Latin America LLC, as well as, board member of Quorumm Global.

Before join to Quorumm, Omar was the CEO of Modena Technologies Capital Partners, leading several ventures in the Latin American market, as Patagonia Technologies and Agentis, the launch of INC magazine for Latin America, and the launch of social games with Vertigo; plus the development of the recognized Business Incubator Dreams 2.0.

“Omar will be our partner for conducting the business of Quorumm in Latin America and we believe that through his experience and leadership, we will achieve the goal of turning the region into the powerhouse of digital business for the rest of our global operation” announced Jack Hartmann, CEO and founder of Quorumm from Washington D.C.

Quorumm Digital Venture Partners currently has operations in Asia, Europe, and the United States, and has established itself as a Venture Capital of third generation in the Digital Marketing Industry. Since it’s launch has been investing more than 200 million dollars in acquisition of companies, and M&A of digital assets in 12 countries, achieving an annual average growth rate of 34.4% in its global portfolio.

“We will be consolidating a regional team in the coming months and will begin to explore strategic opportunities for investment in digital marketing agencies and social media companies located in Argentina, Brasil, and Mexico; led by entrepreneurs who are creative and passionate about their ideas.”, said Omar Arab, CEO and Co-Founder of Quorumm Digital Venture Partners LLC.

Omar Arab is an Engineer in Information Systems. He graduated from UTN Mendoza (Argentina), and his university education includes graduate studies in Technology Management at Stanford University, USA. He is currently developing academic activities as Professor of Management at UADE, as well as those of Entrepreneurship at the University of Palermo (UP); and is the organizer of the group “TED x Buenos Aires”.

About Quorumm: Quorumm Digital Venture Partners was created in 2007 by venture capitalists experienced in the area of technology and communications, with more than 500 million dollars under management. With an investment strategy and acceleration in digital marketing, Online Media, Mobile, Advergaming, and Social Media companies, it has international offices in 5 continents, and is defined as a third generation Venture Capital.

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