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The Daily Market Information (DMI) (Dec. 21, 2017, Thursday)


Why Am I Still On The Trump-Trade Bandwagon?

A Reborn Secular Market and A Dozen ETF Investment Templates

Trumponomics: What Is IT? Why Did IT Happen? How Would It Go?

The DMI (Daily Market Information)

Traders should take an advantage from the market volatility only if we can get a right guide. My approach of the guide is a top-to-bottom, starting macroeconomic views,  and updating daily TANER System: The Daily Market Information (7 days a week), The Daily TANER Momentum ETF Model (M), The DTM Schwab Model (T), The DTM Rotation Model (W), The DTM Vanguard Model (NASDAQ:TH), and The DTM Stock Model (F)” (From The Outstanding Records of Investing and Trading…in 2016: Would The Strategy Prevail in 2017 Too? The Outstanding Records Of Investing And Trading With ETFs In 2016: Would The Strategy Prevail In 2017 Too? - O. Young Kwon

Investing is a zero-sum game, meaning when one guy gains, the other guy must lose. In order to win, what must we do? The DMI might help you to have an edge over the other guys. There is too much market information on SA, TV, Newspapers, magazines, etc. The problem is there is too much info to absorb. That's why DMI is brief and well-selected.

My focus is primarily on news about two areas: The Fed policy and Business Cycles. These are macro topics. DMI is a summary of what I listen to BBR, and read WSJ, Reuters, Bloomberg, AP, and Barons (weekend) from 5:a.m. to 7:00 a.m. everyday.

With this information and the RED Spread (introduced in my article. Link: you can grasp the current market situation.

The Daily Market Information (DMI) (Dec. 21, 2017, Thursday)


U.S. third-quarter economic growth trimmed; jobless claims rise U.S. jobless claims increase more than expected

Wall Street opens high after GDP data Futures make little progress even as Congress passes tax bill

BOJ keeps policy steady, Kuroda dismisses talk of early exit BOJ set to hold fire, signal no quick end to crisis-mode stimulus

The Daily Market Information (DMI) (Dec. 20, 2017, Wednesday)


Treasuries Down, Stocks Up as Tax Bill Progresses: Markets Wrap Bonds Tumble, Equities Mixed as Tax Bill Passes: Markets Wrap

Senate Passes Tax Overhaul, Putting Trump on Brink of Big Win Congress Sends Trump Tax-Cut Bill in First GOP Legislative Win

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