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Daily Technical Study Report 6/13/2012

6/13/2012 Study Matches

Below are the study matches for the day, also before looking at the list below please read my DISCLAIMER here.

Bollinger Bands Study: NONE

Reversal Study: NONE

Fibonacci Study: NONE

Study Descriptions

Bollinger Bands Study:

Bollinger Bands, ADX [Average Directional Index], Momentum, and A Moving Average

Goal: Identify Stocks that are below the lower Bollinger band, and meet other criteria I have set using the three other technical indicators listed above.

Reversal Study:

Price Channels, ADX

Goal: Identify stocks that are trending lower and show signs of reversal using Price channels and ADX.

Fibonacci Study:

Fibonacci Lines, RSI [Relative Strength Index] , and MFI [Money Flow Index]

Goal: Identify stocks that have met certain Fibonacci retracement requirements as well as other criteria for RSI and MFI.

Tracking Conditions:

Entry: I will scan at the end of each day for any stocks that match any of the above three technical studies, and for tracking purposes will track the stock using the open from the day following the signal.

Exit: The exit point for all three studies will be a gain of 30% within a 1 year time period, or 1 year from the original entry date, which ever comes first.


Today was the sixth day in a row where no stocks came up on the screener for any of the three technical studies. With the down day I expected to see some stocks, but was surprised to see none. I expect if tomorrow is another down day, that there would be some names pop up on the screens.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.