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MIMV Ran Late Day...More Bullish News Today........Input On IWEB Following Yesterdays Pickup........ROYL Best Response To News This Morning...

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MIMV developing into ongoing strength since MSFT if you can stomach volatility....debate 10-20% dips

Best strength from prior mentions: CHGI extended from .50 to .53

0.53 +0.07 +15.22% 74,973 0.53/0.47


FB up .14....up .31 at 21.01.....debate for support around 2.50....


ACHN up .82

TIVO up .35....Active late pre mkt


ROSG up .24......

8x8 Issued New Contact/Call Center Patent by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Business Wire08:15am EDT


ROYL up .84.....

up 1.03.....


SIRI up .02 at 2.52....steady eddy in 2012 for the more patient....


PPHM down .31....down .36......


Yesterdays pullback (following runup) on MIMV sure proved to be a buying opportunity........Another bullish article today following MSFT deal......

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Apple Vs. Microsoft: In Search Of The Battle Royale at Seeking Alpha07:51am EDT

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, but may initiate a long position in MIMV.OB over the next 72 hours. (More...)

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) might just be looking over its shoulder after the news that leading mobile app search and recommendation company Mimvi, Inc. (MIMV.OB) has finalized a partnership agreement with Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) to develop a number of products and services to complement Microsoft's Windows Azure and Windows Mobile 8 Platforms.

Apple acquired Chomp for $50 million earlier this year to beef up its own search and recommendation capabilities and has incorporated some of the acquired technology in its recently released iOS 6. In particular, the new App Store features large swipeable cards for browsing through apps and bringing the "Genius" more center-stage. The Genius will utilize data it has on apps you have already downloaded to recommend other apps for you. However, recommendation has not been a strong suite of Apple's to date and users can find themselves swimming in a sea of apps on the App Store. There is also the fact that Apple's search algorithm works on the ranking of apps and many so-called "zombie" apps simply fail to appear in the app store.

The two deals point to the fundamental underlying difference between the two companies approach to search and recommendation. Apple remains a closed system. You have to have an iPhone or iPad to use the iOS 6 operating system and buy products from its App Store. Microsoft Windows 8 will run on any PC, tablet or Windows mobile device.

As well as outright acquisitions, Microsoft forms strategic partnerships with companies and makes strategic investments in companies, while Apple buys companies and incorporates their technology into their closed architecture. In fact, Apple only exists today because in 1997 Steve Jobs turned to Bill Gates at Microsoft and received a $150 million investment to keep the doors open in Cupertino, CA.

Microsoft's 2008 acquisition of Powerset allowed the company to quickly enhance Bing. The Mimvi agreement involves Microsoft making investments in Mimvi in the form of engineering services, software, and cash. While the exact terms of the deal haven't been disclosed, it is thought that Mimvi, a leading mobile app and data search provider, will develop tools for searching for mobile apps and data stored on the cloud utilizing Microsoft's Windows Azure platform. Microsoft recently announced that its Windows Azure Mobile Services platform would enable developers to add a cloud backend to their Windows 8 application, with support for mobile platforms including Windows Phone, iOS and Android in development.

Microsoft's strategic partnerships with both Facebook (FB) and Yahoo (YHOO) stand to benefit from this new relationship. Yahoo's CEO, Marissa Mayer, recently met with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer about improving Yahoo's search advertising partnership. Mimvi's core strength in mobile search and recommendation algorithms should strengthen Microsoft's technical capabilities in this area significantly and allow its partnership with Yahoo to deliver much improved results.

Likewise, Mimvi's strength in social search should enable Microsoft to greatly improve the integration between search and social that the relationship between Microsoft and Facebook is founded upon.

Looking forward, both Microsoft and Apple may be foreseeing a time when the aesthetics of mobile phones are inconsequential to the consumer. Therefore, it will come down to software and as Google showed for websites, whomever controls search wins the battle royale here. Enabling intuitive search across mobile platforms may be the secret weapon for Apple or Microsoft.


As a result of these aggressive partnerships in the mobile space, I would recommend Microsoft as a strong buy. I believe the company now recognizes how critical search is to its future and realizes that it must form strategic relationships to enhance its chances of succeeding here.

Apple's stock has been depressed the past two days, as shipments of the iPhone 5 have failed to meet some analysts' expectations. But any product which can affect the U.S. GDP has to be taken very seriously. In the battle royale between the two companies, the fight continues.

Microsoft Partners With And Invests In Mimvi at Seeking Alpha08:48am EDT

Wanderport's Eco-Friendly Microwave Water Heating Technology Poised To Become "The New Industry Efficiency Standard In Electric On-Demand Water Heating For The 21st Century" - Robert Simoneau PR Newswire07:00am EDT

Recall IWEB pickup yesterday....

NBT followup:

IceWEB (OTCPK:IWEB) Cloud/Virtual Data Storage Reports BIG $ Orders from BIG Government Agencies
IceWEB Inc.™ (IWEB), reported today that have received new orders from several large government sector customers including the US Army, National Institutes of Health and United States Geological Survey, among others, as a direct result of the restructuring of sales and marketing efforts.

"These new orders represent not only significant revenue to the Company, but they are also bellwethers of our sales resurgence in this and other sectors," said Rob Howe, Chief Executive Officer of IceWEB. "While we are gaining solid momentum in all our sales sectors, the government sector is especially significant because of the very high level requirements it holds. We have been able to surmount those requirements with our superior technology, and our extremely attractive overall value proposition. I have said the company is making progress, and these orders, and re-orders are ample evidence of that."

Well done…that is exactly the type of news we want to hear. The US Government agencies are under a $20 billion FUNDED mandate to convert their 8 thousand individual data centers into less than 800. IceWEB's unified mass data solutions are in some cases 9X cheaper than "Big Iron" EMC/IBM/HP solutions-these agencies don't have the budgets to waste on Rolls Royce data storage when they can get 99% of the functionality for up to 90% LESS cost.

That is the IceWEB solution…keep it up boys!

PS-the most recent Gartner Group research on the IceWEB storage solution says the same thing-"Why pay ultra retail prices when you can get 99% of the value for 90% LESS cost!"

Original PR:

Chart forIceWEB Inc. (<a href='' title='IceWEB, Inc.'>OTCPK:IWEB</a>)

Recall AMBS renewed upside interest off of .01 yesterday...
Recurring pattern......Stay focused on this technical

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