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Stocks to watch Jan 12

|Includes: VelaTel Global Communications, Inc. (VELA)
China Tel CHTL is the strongest relative strength we're tracking in 2011 so far.  The chart is up 124% at .376.  Following recent stabs at .42, we're currently we're focusing on basing in mid/upper .30's range.     If you review our last report, we keep expanding on the launch of what will become the largest 4g wireless broadband network in China in 2011.    Signs we should be seeing some news soon.  News breaking likely to trigger a run / rebuilding back into .40's into Jan.
LBN on CHTL recently:  this recent upward surge is a signal of reversal bearish trend and I would expect this penny stock to perform better in coming sessions
CPST deals keep mounting... Building off of 1.20.....Has been running from .95 since start of the year on a string of deals.
PSTI is best pre mkt strength...
up .26.....up .31
Ccan not find news beyond mondays......Another strong chart in 2011 running from 1.40 to 2.40 so far.
Chart forPluristem Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:<a href='' title='Pluristem Therapeutics, Inc.'>PSTI</a>)

 IMAX as swingtrade candidate?.....Up .56 in 27 range.........Pullback from 33 or so....
CCME up .32...
XOMA up .06 at 5.78....slipping back from runs to 7 or above, but keep rear view mirror on for continued acting up...
WTSLA flexing
P/E (ttm): 4.06
EPS (ttm): 0.85
PIP up .06 at 3.60.....recall trial going on with SIGA......could explode on outcome.....Keeping an eye on....
LVLT up .03 at that runup it did back in Dec following the netflex deal...
Level 3 Communications Inc. (NASDAQ:<a href='' title='Level 3 Communications, Inc.'>LVLT</a>)
CDII up .31.....hmm
CDII China Direct Industries Provides Update for Its Magnesium Segment Sales Marketwire Wed 8:00AM EST
Under 1
Recall RPC ran back to 1.05 yesterday pre mkt...
Up .01 at .88......Turning rangebound .80-1.10 / Extreme volatility focus.....
Recall citing a reversal of sorts with FEWP yesterday after popping last week...   Also recall we're keeping a closer eye on the stock due in part to a funding deal whereby an equity company will be completing Series A funding in a few weeks, with a direct placement of $2M into the stock directly.  As a result, buying under .25 should become a quick double as conversion rate on $10M convert is .50 a share. 
We're debating as speculative buy....
Chart forFar East Wind Power Corp. (<a href='' title='Far East Wind Power Corp.'>OTCPK:FEWP</a>)

Recent discussions on ACTC for channeling .18-.22 or so......took a dump yesterday afternoon following our rather bullish comments centering around still reflecting on 25mil funding deal subsequent runup to .28 on the first trading day of the year........A fun watch...potential for quick in/outs on the volatility
Chart forAdvanced Cell Technology Inc. (ACTC.OB)
Chart forAdvanced Cell Technology Inc. (ACTC.OB)

NEGS still that sub penny for leveling out/ volatility focus following that zap from .002 to .009 last thursday.......recall recent funding news..
Chart forNational Energy Services Co Inc (<a href='' title='NX Global, Inc.'>OTC:NEGS</a>)
01/10/11) - NX Global, Inc. (OTC.BB:NEGS - News) announces the receipt of a funding commitment for $100,000,000 for the purchase of property and construction of the waste to energy and algae facility to be built and operated in Canada by its subsidiary

Input from collleague Tobin Smith
Key NBT holding in our private capital fund is Motricity...MOTR...we and Icahn funds financed them years ago...

At $20ish we vale at $35 based on 5 major new contract wins....Cramer discovered after we put out first rec at $ ran to $30 and again like FCPG too far too fast...

My NBT fund owns 100k shares...and we love the space and company...

To $35ish...may up the target as soon as economics come out on new deals
Recall tracking renewed upside pattern with FCPG....ongoing discussions on another higher low at 1.65 vs 1.50 latter dec following the explosion to 6......
Chart forFirst China Pharmaceutical Group, Inc. (<a href='' title='First China Pharmaceutical Group, Inc.'>OTC:FCPG</a>)

P/E (ttm): 7.28
EPS (ttm): 2.37