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VSUL best strength in Feb...Why we think CHGI could take off at 1.90

OREX surpassing our 3.50 target, traded to 3.56 initially...Observing where it will find midday footing...eye in 3.30s....
3.44  0.1200   3.61% 0.00% 2,012,715
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APCVZ a penny that keeps acting up....we discussed a pickup a week ago, and renewed upside latter into the week....Not much in the way of recent news......Remains an interesting watch under a dime...debate for channeling back to .09..
0.0839  0.0022   2.7% 0.0% 2,055,311
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Scottrade shows as profitable..
Net Income (MRQ) 52.1M
Best strength:
As reported earlier:  VSUL some consolidation around .68 the last hr, but remains right at intraday highs of .69......Surpassing our .65 initial target, but recall also targeting .74 (52wk high), secondary....Fairly confident to it...
0.6800  0.0450   7.1% 0.0% 293,326
HERO basing at 4.20...keeps bouncing off of.....we reported as up .93 in pre mkt
4.28  0.6600   18.23% 0.00% 11,109,943
OPWV was mentioned as up .33 in pre mkt...keeps bouncing off of 2.20....
2.24  0.1200   5.7% 0.0% 2,465,040
FSNR remains best steady upping 6 month chart..(from 13)...pe49
43.91  0.9000   2.1% 0.0% 3,201,595
Optical Networking Stocks Emerge as Wall Street Darlings
21 minutes ago - Marketwire
Optical Networking Stocks have been on a tear for the last month. The surge in shares across the industry has largely been attributed to the reemergence of the once maligned JDS Uniphase. Last week JDSU hit a new five-year high and brought the whole industry up with it. The Bedford Report examines the Optical Networking Industry and provides research reports on JDS Uniphase Corporation (NASDAQ: JDSU) and Finisar Corporation (NASDAQ: FNSR). Access to the full company reports can be found at:
MOTR continues to rebound from 16.....recall plunge from 22 about a week ago on lowered earnings....Rebound rivaling OREX some....
17.68  0.6300   3.70% 0.00% 1,460,719
YRCW giving up a recent run just over 4....Recall however they came out with a turnaround earnings rpt a couple weeks or so ago...
3.66  0.0800   2.23% 0.00% 1,200,265
CHGI some flexing....Ongoing support at 1.80.....Recent history of jumping back to 2...Recall Plant opening this spring / ceo cited demand overwelming.....May be a little biased given a portfolio holding, but really think this one is going to reward with a little patience....
1.93  0.0700   3.8% 0.0% 34,437
According to the Company, this new plant will have the largest and the most technologically advanced equipment in China
"Once new facilities are fully operational, our production capacity will be doubled from our current level," said Donghai Yu, China Carbon's CEO. "This new plant will focus on manufacturing higher margin products, including ultra high electrodes, and fine grain and high-purity graphite, with a gross profit margin of 30%, 35% and 21-29%, respectively. As a result, we fully expect to have higher profitability beginning in 2011 from a combination of increased production....

"This expansion represents an important step for China Carbon that will solidify its status as one of the most significant manufacturers of graphite and related products in China."

Chart forChina Carbon Graphite Group, Inc. (<a href='' title='China Carbon Graphite Group, Inc.'>OTCPK:CHGI</a>)

CHGI recall ceo demand overwelming/plant opening

CHTL ongoing support at .18 continues...Another round of flexing off of it......Volume slightly higher for this time of day vs recent days....Recall set to monetize discussions last week on the 4g launch in China.
0.1880  0.0055   3.0%   452,100