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CHTL is best out of the gate / FCPG notable news...ran last thurs on strong earnings...

Just a couple heads up on stocks we tracking the closest at from pre mkt and early going newsletters...
 CHTL China Tel
FCPG First China Pharma
Recall renewed upside discussions off of .21 with CHTL.....also recall mgmt meeting with china officials/etc. last week on deployment of 4g.
Recall we added to position last friday in .21 range...upping position to 18% of of portfolio....second largest to CHGI.

FCPG bullish late pre mkt news...Growing increasingly confident back to 2....
the Company intends to capitalize on its recent achievements in order to secure additional funding. Management has projected that capital investment will permit the Company to rapidly increase its product line from the existing threshold of 5,000 products to over 30,000 items. This increase, management believes, combined with infrastructural investments and increases in marketing and advertising could result in $50 million in sales from its XYT subsidiary alone in the next 12 months, with potentially $100 million in sales projected over 24 months.

Perhaps most importantly, the Company believes that real growth will come as a result of its ability to close timely acquisition agreements allowing for the widespread national proliferation and replication of First China's business model throughout China. Many of the acquisitions targeted boast sales in the range of US$10 million to US$40 million. Management believes that if the Company successfully completes some of these acquisitions, it could lead to an additional US$25-75 million in sales within 12 months of their respective closings.

in the short period since the Company acquired Kun Ming Xin Yuan Tang Pharmacies Co., Ltd. (XYT) last September 15th, First China has rapidly gone on to meet or exceed all its initial goals with the signing of 17 new Hospital distributor agreements, acquire two exclusive drug distributorship agreements, initiate plans for the acquisition of the high profile De Xin Pharmacy with plans to convert it into a flagship retail distribution outlet, launched expansion plans outside Yunnan Province by entering into pending agreements to acquire a strategically located distributor, Shandong Run Kang Pharmaceutical Co. Inc., and set out to expand core facilities and hire new employees to assist sales, logistics and management growth needs.

First China's Chairman and CEO Zhen Jiang Wang comments, "Our meetings were extremely positive and the excitement was palpable. It was clear to everyone that our recent achievements should be perceived against the unexpected and unprecedented Government Health Care reforms instructing institutional health care providers to rapidly move towards agreements with large volume pharmaceutical distributors like First China.



Recall FCPG solid earnings guidance last thursday / subsequent runup....basing for renewed interest.....

Company Chairman and CEO Mr. Zhen Jiang Wang notes, "Given the current state of the market in China, we are almost overwhelmed with opportunity. Now that our 3 week long Lunar New Year holiday season here in China is over, we are refocusing our efforts, and aim to bring some fresh talent into our organization, and most of all, we are all pulling together to work even smarter in order to ensure greater success for the last quarter and for fiscal 2011."

Mr. Wang adds, "We are positive about our future and have made it our objective for fiscal 2011 sales revenues to hit an achievable US$50million. As funding comes in, we intend to invest heavily in added products, especially targeting key items offering significant revenue opportunities in order to strengthen our financial base and improve to our messaging and positioning utilizing national public and industry media extensively. Our aim is to double our current goal in hopes of achieving US$100 million before the end of fiscal 2012. As matters stand we are moving ahead to assemble a team and a company that can go the distance and become a truly dynamic force in our industry."