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VELA commencing out today...ongoing strength focus/back above .20 probable

PAET best pre mkt strength...Generally suggests restest of intraday highs...Initial filling back to 5....
Recall SIFY best response to earnings last friday....Could see ongoing strength....filling back under 5 on the gap.....outside comments....
5.12 Up 0.22 (4.49%) 9:03AM EDT
VELA held steady on friday in its renewed upside pattern........ anticipation on news release today.....Recall several catalysts will be in play here into month of August, including 3 deals closing (1 of those near completion in Russia)
Press Release Source: VelaTel Global Communications, Inc. On Monday August 1, 2011, 7:00 am EDT


SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- U.S.-based VelaTel Global Communications, Inc. (OTCQB:VELA) (previously ChinaTel Group) announced that VelaTel’s GO MOVIL wireless broadband access network went “live” today in all eight cities where it holds licenses. The network is being operated under the brand name GO MOVIL, The GO MOVIL network provides the first true 4G broadband internet access in Peru to the approximately five million inhabitants of the targeted cities. GO MOVIL will offer its subscribers a variety of low-cost prepaid service plans and various devices for accessing the internet in both fixed and mobile ways, which will be sold in company operated GO MOVIL stores. Customers are also able to recharge their plans through a network of distributors in grocery and convenience stores, gas stations, and other convenient locations.



VelaTel remains committed to bringing high speed internet access to underserved markets around the globe, with the Peru launch serving as a major milestone in pursuit of this goal.



To learn more about VelaTel’s business initiatives visit To learn more about GO MOVIL visit

MPEL up .62.....
SOLR up .82...
PAET up .88....up .98
AVL up .33....
SUNH down 3.61......
Recall MSHL pickup friday...
SIRI up .08.....
ANX recall monitoring pullback under 3 close....3.14 Up 0.19 (6.44%) 8:14AM EDT
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Recall CHGI plant set to open this month..
Under 1
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