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VELA strong analyst comments at .11...Revenues expected to ramp significantly

Continue to observe on additional bullish reviews surrounding todays press release and recent events with VelaTel (OTC:VELA)
An earlier article discussed at said to focus on gap filling....Also we mentioned rebuilding off of flatline.....In light of very strong volume pickup combined with news debate accumulation at/under .11....And this time we're quite serious about it....


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Volume:14,713,485Avg Vol (3m):1,481,390

Details surrounding string of events that occured this morning with the stock:   
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Key numbers here are $300 value per sub…in recent Italian Wi-Max network Aria the network sold interests that valued 30k subs at $100MM…do THAT math!




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FYI, this is the reason for volume spike today (any idea who is doing this and why?), just fyi these users spin in and out over a 1 day period, whoever is spending money is wasting it.


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VelaTel Global Communications, Inc. 
Ticker: VELA

VelaTel Global Communications, Inc. (OTC:VELAoperates one of the first true 4G wireless networks in high-growth emerging markets like China and Latin America.

Good morning!

VELA is one of the fastest-growing wireless networks in one of the fastest-growing telecom markets of all time: China itself.

Deal after deal recently sent VELA's price action soaring all the way to the edge of $0.19 a share. But now that the markets have retrenched, traders are pinching themselves to see this stock available again at under $0.11.

We might be putting in a double bottom here, given the recent volume trend. Only close attention to the VELA chart can say:

Chart Analysis:

Flag and pole formation since VELA started its 68% leap off roughly these levels back on October 18.

The candlesticks have narrowed down as the "flag" builds its base above $0.10 -- a traditional omen of a breakout ahead!

At this point it would take a 12% move to the upside just to get VELA back on its 10-day trend, much less regain a longer line.

STO seems to be rounding a bottom all the way down on zero...but still looks temptingly oversold.

RSI just waggled up off the 30-point line -- giving procrastinators a big wake-up call that VELA is eager to move!

VELA has a true 4G network for China's data-hungry billions!

Literally BILLIONS of people in "emerging" markets like China are leaping straight to wireless computing and VELA has a home court advantage in the race to sign them up!

China in particular is a mess of incompatible networks...they've got 10 MILLION people who've already bought iPhones that don't even work yet. (Read more)

VELA, on the other hand, has one of the fastest networks in the world -- full 4G, which is technically TOO ADVANCED for Apple until the next generation of iPhones comes out! (Read more)

Their first target: oil-rich Heilongjiang Province, which holds a full 39 million potential customers. (Read more)

That's as big a population as California! And as yet, NONE of them have 4G access!

The Preachers' flock can write that one down as the definition of a "massive growth opportunity."

6-figure subscriber deals ahead of the competition!

Instead of signing up customers one at a time, VELA has been getting big companies to pay for accounts for all their employees at once. 

You can imagine how much money that saves VELA in subscriber acquisition costs...which have been crushing the big Chinese carriers like China Unicom! (Read more)

Barely 2 weeks ago, VELA cut a deal with the China Aerospace & Technology Group -- basically their NASA -- to roll out its network for up to 100,000 employees. (Read more)

That's not just locking in a massive monthly subscription fee, but practically ensuring that those subscribers stay on the VELA network as long as they want to keep their jobs!

A point of scale: Chinese wireless companies like China Unicom are currently trading for $275 to $300 per subscriber, which is why the giants are worth up to $190 BILLION.

In other words, VELA's recent deal represents massive value that has yet to be factored into the stock price if Wall Street considers those 100,000 new subscribers worth anywhere near that $275 to $300 apiece. And there's no reason to suspect they won't!

Get this: VELA is a lot more than just China!

Don't feel like a Chinese play? VELA is a global outfit with its fingers in multiple countries. 

For example, they're signing up about 150 Peruvians A DAY. Do that math in terms of its impact on VELA's fair value! (Read more)

They want to have 16,000 Peruvians on the network this time next year. And at $20 a month apiece, true believers can see how that revenue would move the VELA needle by what CEO George Alvarez modestly calls "many millions of dollars!"

Bottom Line: Nobody can deny the growth curve on VELA would have Western telecom executives crying with joy.

And with VELA shares currently down 45% off their October peak, traders who fill their plates early might do a little laughing themselves.

The Preacher strongly urges you to get VELA on your screen today...and keep an eye on how this stock evolves. 

May the market bless your every trade!























Prior analyst article this morningfrom otcexchange:


OK, let's have some fun and take a look at a stock that looks like
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Our alert for Monday is VelaTel Global Communications Inc., VELA,
and the stock closed Friday at 10.4 cents.

Please begin your research here: and

Here's some information to get you started: 
VELA is a holding company of telecommunications carriers throughout
the world.

VELA's currently operating in China and Peru; and is looking to
spread its reach throughout Latin America, Southeast Asia, the
Caribbean, and Eastern Europe.

VELA concentrates on emerging markets. 

VELA sets up wireless broadband networks in areas that
have no networks, or have inferior networks.

There are actually many underserved areas of the world waiting for
a company like VELA to come along.

VELA has recently entered into agreements to build 4G networks with
billion dollar companies in China!

Check them out here

This is exciting, and sets up the possibility of additional news in
the near future about strong revenue, which we know the market

As for the technical traders VELA's setup is beautiful.

Currently VELA is sitting at 10.4 cents.

In the last 6 months VELA hit 10 cents three times.

In July VELA went from 10 to 24 cents for a 140% price gain !!

In September VELA went from 10 to 14 cents for a 40% price gain !!

In October VELA went from 10 to 18 cents for a 80% price gain!!

VELA clearly has strong support in the 10 cent area.

The average price gain for the last 6 months after hitting 10 cents
has been 86%.

Now that Thanksgiving is over traders will be back on the prowl for

VELA offers a good story along with a history of bouncing off this
10 cent area that should bring buyers around.

Put VELA on your watchlist immediately!

AS ALWAYS..............
Do your own research. Verify everything.
Do not use market orders to enter a position, use limit orders.
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If a stock breaks below our alert price GET OUT. Do not wait.
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Always take your profits when ever you can. Do Not Be Greedy.
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Have Fun!!

Good Trading


VELA psychological / ongoing support at .10

Actual Article

    SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire -11/28/11)- U.S.-based VelaTel Global Communications, Inc. (OTCQB: VELA.PK - News) (Pinksheets: VELA.PK - News) ("VelaTel"), a leader in deploying and operating wireless broadband and telecommunications networks worldwide, announced today that its 95% owned subsidiary, Perusat, operator of Peru's first 4G broadband network under the trade name "GO MOVIL," has begun generating revenue from prepaid subscribers of its Internet service plans.

    "When we first opened our stores and saw the level of consumer interest, we knew we would have an impact on the market. Now that more selection from our product line is available for sale, GO MOVIL has begun generating initial revenues. We expect to realize significant revenue over the long-term as we continue to sign up more subscribers," said George Alvarez, CEO of VelaTel.

    "Residents have continually thanked us for bringing 4G broadband to their region, many of whom never thought this day would come," said Ryan Alvarez, VelaTel Vice President of Marketing. "Our goal is to provide exceptional high-speed, broadband coverage for use on today's most popular and advanced mobile devices, which can create lifetime customer relationships."

    The GO MOVIL Infinity G family of products includes: a plug-and-play USB dongle for laptops and other mobile devices and a Mi-Fi device for portable, wireless Internet access using an existing smart phone or tablet device. GO MOVIL's Infinity G Series 7" and 10" touch screen tablets are expected to be in stores soon. GO MOVIL also sells indoor and outdoor wireless CPEs (similar to a combination cable modem and wireless router) manufactured by ZTE Corporation. GO MOVIL offers its subscribers a variety of low-cost prepaid service plans and devices for accessing the Internet in both fixed and mobile ways. Prepaid service plans are sold separately or bundled with select GO MOVIL product offerings. Customers will soon be able to recharge their service plans through a network of distributors in grocery and convenience stores, gas stations, and other convenient locations.

    Perusat operates stores in the cities of Chiclayo, Chimbote, Ica, Piura and Trujillo, and plans to open two additional GO MOVIL stores, in Cusco and Arequipa, by year-end 2011. For more information, please visit and select "Projects + Brands," and then "GO MOVIL." Spanish speaking customers may visit and select "Dispositivos" (which is Spanish for "Devices