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Initial Coverage Replicel Life Sciences, Inc.: Strong Buy on the Cure for Baldness

A speculative little play Replicel you might want to keep your eyes on given the enormous market they stand to grow from.

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Enclosed is a report we'd like to share that sheds serious light on their potential.


Dear Friend of NBT Equities Research,

The male and female pattern baldness market is over $5 billion a year worldwide--$3 billion alone every year in North America.
Replicel Life Sciences, Inc. (Replicel) is rapidly bringing to market what will be considered the "holy grail" of a permanent solution to pattern baldness. This is done by implanting a patient's own hair cells into their hairless scalp to permanently grow new hair and regenerate dormant hair cells at the same time.
After 9 years of research, the Replicel procedure is 3-4 months away from the clinical trial evidence they believe will conclusively prove that a patient's own transplanted hair cells will provide a permanent solution for hair growth for all men and women. Successful results in their Phase 1/b trial will take Replicel to a full 100 patient Phase 2 trial, with result data 18 months from the end of the dosing period.
NBT believes this breakthrough treatment would create a new healthcare treatment worth $500 million or more upon sale to one of the many global consumer healthcare companies currently in the market for their next $billion blockbuster lifestyle healthcare treatment (the last one being Botox for Allergan).
Our new research report tells the whole exciting story. Click here to review the report and consider our strong buy recommendation for your speculative growth portfolio.
Yours for transformational growth investing,
Tobin Smith
Founder and Chairman
NBT Equities Research
PS: This is a low float stock so IF this looks attractive to you make a LIMIT order not a MARKET order… Click here to see our report, a definite "must read" research!

NBT Equities Research

Notable followup to the report as well on 12/22/11

The KEY aspect to their technology is because patients are donating their OWN dermal sheath cup cells and Replicel is replicating those cells and then replanting your OWN cells into your hairless scalp, it only takes $10-$15MM of clinical trials to prove the safety and efficacy of the treatment.

That’s opposed to $700M+ for a new biologic cell to go from Phase 1-Phase 3 and NDA (new drug approval).

Replicel had 50% new hair growth in their Phase 1 trials…20% in Phase 2 would be blockbuster and outperform ALL current treatments and hair growth drugs.

The difference also is many people who seek follicle transplantation—the current gold standard in baldness treatements—don’t have enough hair follicles (or the right hair follicles) to qualify for the procedure. Rogaine and Propecia have many negative side effects and do NOT grow new hair—they simply slow down the balding process for existing hair and the treatment must continue forever.

Target is early March for results of the 19 person trial in the Georgia Republic—no side effects or safety issues reported.

Summary: VERY high reward for low clinical and financial risk in this play—HUGE upside. And internationally….China and India have MUCH HIGHER incidents of pattern baldness than North America or Europe…

We are buying shares here and holding for the early March results at least