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|Includes: AAPL, BB, Intel Corporation (INTC), MSFT, SHLD

This morning on Twitter, I indicated what I believed to be a potential Bullish Kicker setting up in shares of TVIX. However, it was not to be as the pattern was defeated by market bulls just as the opening bell rang. (Dummy me already took the bait pre-market. Let that be a lesson to you kids, wait for the open tic to confirm) Afterward I thought lets run thru some random charts and show you what a Bullish Kicker looks like, and just how powerful and profitable this pattern is.

You can spot a bullish kicker by a white candle opening that gaps completely above the previous down candle's entire body. Look for at least 2 to 3 new low red/black candles prior to the up gap open. This pattern is easy to anticipate pre-market. It's a very powerful pattern because it causes shorts to cover and brings in new longs. This pattern usually kicks off a good bull run.

Apple gave us a Bullish Kicker right at the 200 day sma-FANTASTIC! Bullish Kicker is highly reliable, but with another confirming signal its like having your cake and eating it too.

Two Bullish Kickers in INTC to confirm the uptrend. One to start the upswing, second one right at the 50 day sma-FANTASTIC!

Microsoft again bull move signaled by Bullish Kicker. Bull moved confirmed once the stock consolidated at the 200 sma average, which then became support.

RIMM gave you a chance to go both ways. First a clear Bearish Kicker with confirming signal of overhead down slope 50 day, then Bullish Kicker reversal that lead to 30% profits on the upswing. FANTASTIC!

Sears Holding-Another one from our NAME BRAND STOCKS THAT GOT KILLED trade list. These are the best stocks because, many hedgies and pensions are involved, so they are backed by big money.

Holding out for the Bullish Kicker pattern got you in safely at the very bottom for a nice, and very predictable run up to the 50 day down slope sma. This Bullish Kicker also came with a Bull DOJI. FANTASTIC!

Conclusion: The Bullish Kicker is a very powerful pattern that often begins a new bull leg or confirms a mature bull move.

This pattern is easy to spot for 1st year traders and can be anticipated pre-market. Being comfortable with this pattern, will give you the comfort to buy up gaps, that might otherwise emotionally be difficult to purchase.
Many people have a hard time buying big opening up gaps, they feel as if the move was missed.

Bullish Kicker up gaps, often signal the very beginning of a powerful bull move.

Tim Kathlina