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The Vigorous Pursuit Of happiness.......


Have you ever felt that no matter how hard you try, you still feel like you’re struggling? Perhaps its about your weight. Perhaps money or success at work. (You can never be too rich or too thin right?)

No matter what the goal, its natural for a person to feel despondent when trying to accomplish something and hasn’t quite made it there yet.

Trading can be an emotional roller-coaster when it comes to accomplishing that goal ….mainly because the bar is set so high and the taste of monetary success can be achieved within minutes then lost within seconds.

It’s natural to refer to people who have achieved great wealth as role models.But have you ever really studied the path that got them to that point of megastardom?

There is often a long and painful road to that success story. Be it sports or music and arts- no matter if it’s an occupation or just a hobby, it all boils down to practice, rehearsing or perfecting the trade. The swimmer who spends 8 hours a day in the pool perfecting her stroke and endurance, the runner who logs 100 mile weeks even when injured, the dancer who’s toes bleed from hours on end of rehearsals, the billionaire who went bankrupt along the way.

I have never met a self made person who didn’t have invincible passion, intense focus and ambition and extraordinary motivation. The road to success is built not only with blood sweat and tears, but also with commitment, dedication and determination.

One of my favorite stories of perseverance is about a man who was born in poverty, raised with little if any education and became one of the most effective leaders in U.S. history.He was born in a one room house on a farm in Kentucky. His baby brother died in infancy.

At the age of 7 he was kicked in the head by a horse and pronounced dead. His mother died that same year. At age 19 his sister died while giving birth. No matter the above circumstances he managed to save enough money to buy a store- which failed- and landed him badly in debt.

By age 24 he delved into politics and was elected to Illinois General Assembly. At this point he began to study law. A year later his former store partner died – increasing his debt. That same year his love interest died at age 22.

Again, this man persevered and he was re-elected to Illinois General Assembly and received his law degree. He practiced law and proposed to his girlfriend but she rejected him.

Two years later he was unsuccessful for the nomination for U.S. Congress but he married and had 2 sons.

Six years later , now a U.S. Representative, he leaves politics to practice law full time and becomes a well renowned lawyer with an outstanding reputation.

Unfortunately, once again his life took an ill fated turn. His 3 year old son dies from a 2 month illness.

Later he has another son and re-enters politics and is elected to Illinois legislature but declines, hoping to become a U. S. Senator- again- with out success.

Three years later he was nominated as Republican Senator from Illinois.

If you haven’t guessed by now, this story is about Abraham Lincoln. By the age of 51 he was elected as the 16th President of the United States.

During his brief time serving  as President, he signs the Emancipation Proclamation freeing the slaves and is instrumental in the Civil War.

The lesson learned is that he never gave up. His persistence led him to several victories  and successes in spite of his hardships and tribulations.

Whether you are a new trader and trading small or you are a veteran and take on major risk, as long as you don’t let your losses destroy you and keep your head up – you can learn and grow from those setbacks and come back even stronger to reach even  higher  levels of success