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I'm just a stupid truck driver...

Hello fellow seeking Alpha members, and fellow wanna be Gordon Gekkos...LOL!  My "handle" is player105stock and as you can see from my portfolio, I'm a former over the road big truck driver, and self ebujucated stock and real estate investor.  I don't have any formal education on investing to speak of, but I've been at this "game" now for 15 yrs. and would like to think I've gotten kind of good at it.  My wife and I have no debt (yes even our house is paid for) and we currently hold over 10,000 equity shares of common stock in over 15 different companies.  In addition to these holdings we also own an active 15 acre sugar cane farm in the Fijian Islands, that has an adjoining 1.5 acre residential lot with three very third world houses on it, which my wife inherited from her parents upon their passing.  We do not have any children and have a current combined no debt net worth of just over $500k.  I/we have done well enough with our investments that I was able to retire in October of 08' at the age of 38 yrs. old!  I now manage our portfolio full time.

So now that you know a little about me, and my financial background let me tell you why I'm NOT here on seeking Alpha.  I'm not here to sell anything.  Not that there is anything wrong with sales and marketing.  They are one of the corner stones of any successful company, and capitalist economy.  I'm just not here for that purpose.  I'm here because I live, breath, sleep, and eat, investing and politics, and am hoping to connect and converse with individuals who have the same interest(s) and share the same passion.  I'm looking for feedback.  Good, or bad. Agree, or disagree; in regards to my investing and political ideas and strategies.  I'm not "thin skinned" or overly sensitive to sarcasm, so don't be afraid to tell me what you are really thinking.

So then, what are some of my investment ideas, beliefs, and subsequent strategies?  First and for most...PAY CASH FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!  Now I'm not one of those people that think credit is the spawn of Satan himself, and as such inherently evil.  I have met many people along my many travels, that have utilized borrowed capital in a very disciplined, intelligent, effective, money making, highly profitable way, and if you really, truly are one of these people then hey, MORE POWER TO YOU!  I just learned early in my adult life I was not one of those people.

Second, NEVER INVEST MORE THEN YOU CAN TRULY AFFORD TO LOSE.  It sounds so basic and simple, but so many people get caught up in their losses or gains that before they know it like a gambler in Vegas, they are liquidating accounts, and risking money they had set aside for other priorities.  DON'T DO THIS!!!!! 

Third, NEVER LOSE IT ALL.  Again, this sounds so basic, and simple, but I can't tell you how many people I've known who have lost EVERYTHING in a business, or investment(s) because they couldn't deal with the idea of financial loss and /or personal failure, and stayed on board that "sinking ship" until they eventually went down with that sinking ship...COMPLETLY!!!  There is no shame in admitting something is not working, and preserving your capital by pulling said capital and yourself out, which if you follow the first two concepts you are almost certain to still have some capital left to preserve.  It is way better to go from $100k to $25k, but preserve that $25K to regroup and fight another day, then to go from $100k to $0.  Zero, nada, nothing, and then have to start all over from scratch.

This brings me to my own personnel investment principle number four, ALWAYS HAVE AN ESTABLISHED OUT OR EXIT POINT.  An actual tangible number or amount that you WILL NOT allow your capital in any investment to EVER go below, and NEVER, EVER, go below it.


I will discus principle number five in great detail in my next blog along with how I used these personal investment principles, or rules to formulate the investment strategies(s) I have executed to achieve the personal level of success I have already attained, and what my strategies for continuing this prosperity are going forward.  Until then when ever then may stay classy "Seeking Alpha".

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.