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My July-13 Stretegy Review

My apologies for not posting July review on time - the end of July was mad for me and I had too little free time. Anyway...

My bet on Heating Oil finally shot up. But it was more of an unexpected event that driven it not fundamentals. Egypt lifted the whole energy sector so I should not be taking much of the credit for forecasting HO rally. It happened but for another reason.

Cotton - nothing really happened to it while I expected a mild downtrend. Those who opened shorts on/about 10th of July got modest profit.

Other than these two I did not expect much of the moves when I wrote my post. During the month I was shorting corn (from $5.30 to $4.95) and soymeal (from $495 to $430) when weather proved to be crop-friendly. I was also successful at selling strangles for coffee and gasoline but I lost money on oil strangle cause I missed the moment.

I did not post any plans for August as I was going for vacations for almost 3 weeks. In fact I closed almost everything and did not pay much attention to markets. It feels so wonderful to leave without a leash in a form of smartphone, laptop, PC, charts, and market news :-)