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My 2013 Annual Review

My apologies for skipping December post - I was too busy with work, studies, and family so I had literally no time to write and honestly speaking I was closing my books to draw year-end dividend so I was not interested in new trades.

This morning I read article about commodity markets stating major word "Disappontment". I cannot say that about my minifund perfomance. My return on investment is almost 40% in 2013. On a side note I notice that most of the time I was shorting commodities, so 2013 was indeed poor for commodity markets. This year we lost illusion of gold super returns, threat of global famine evaporated with good crop knocking down grain prices, industrial commodities did not make a come back. The only bright spot is natural gas which market finally re-established status quo of supply and demand.

OK, let us say good bye to 2013 and move into 2014. Happy investing!