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My June-12 Strategy Review

Hokay... The month is over and it is time to draw the line.

Soybeans - I suggested to short Soybeans and it went OK until the end of the month when weather concerns and EU mess partial resolution boosted prices for the commodity. In any event my call was not succesful but I still believe the market has nearly reached its peak for this season. Beans prices usually go down at summer as harvesting improves the supply. I keep my shorts open till September.

Soybean Meal - same as above by 100%.

Soybean Oil - I did as I planned and quit my shorts early June. In fact I quit shorts on the first business day of the month and I was correct.

Cocoa - cocoa behaved as predicted but it could do better should we have more stable economy worldwide. Another bad factor in play is plentiful stock of cocoa held by major market players. However there is still upward potential for coming July.

Coffee - my call to short was correct until second half of the month when weather concerns in Brazil and general improvements in the World started to push prices higher. I decided to protect myself and quit shorts at 1.57. Today coffee price is 1.77. Good timing.

Crude Oil - I hoped to see WTI below 90 and I surely did. We even saw it below 80. However I did not buy it but like I said - I would not be desperate if I wouldn't buy it. I do not like the whole situation in the World, it is too volatile for investors who are not inside and do not stare the charts 24/7. There are plenty of opportunities beside oil. I am sure that the first minor setback will kill most of the recent rally and I am not going to ruin my Boracay vacations by reading Bloomberg all the time.

Natural Gas - and here I was right once again. We had a dip in the beginning of the month on mild weather but as heat grew the price did as well. Just as I expected. If (and it is quite possible as they promise rains) there would be a setback in July I will increase my position in NatGas.

Alright, this is a revision of my June-12 strategy. I like that most of my thoughts proved to be correct. It is time to pack the bags and say hello to Boracay!!!