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The Play By PLay Through A Working Man's Eyes


1008 Market holding on with the hopes of a new Twist program or QE3, seems materials and miners are up strong on Rio Tinto's 4b+ investment in iron ore. Seems to be a backward confirmation that the market isnt as weak as it appears.

1316 Market sold off immediately after twist extension was announced, came back quickly. Vix has been falling since into Bernanke's conference. Feel like market will fall after the meeting but again who knows this market is up and down on a whim. Rumors out about eurobonds which if that happens market will go skyward.

1431 I have a feeling bad job numbers will no longer mean a down market. With Bernanke's comments job performance seems to be the primary driver of "additional measures" any bad job numbers could spark hope of a new QE asset buying program